Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2007


BRITNEY: EVER MORE PATHETIC — BRITNEY Spears can't seem to catch a break - or get along with any of her family members. Two weeks after serving her mother, Lynne, with legal papers, Spears has dropped her other constant companion, cousin Alli. To make matters worse …

Britney Spears Dates Her Bodyguard — Talk about homeland security! Us has learned that Britney Spears is seeing her bodyguard - whose first name is Damon — and he's already playing stepdad. On Sunday, he attended church services with the singer and her two sons.

Richie Gets a Break — For Now
— Nicole Richie's fate won't be decided for another month, because a key witness is having fun in the sun. — The commissioner in Richie's DUI case has just granted a continuance, pushing her next court date back to August 16. He also ordered Nicole to appear in court on that date.

Who Wants To See Shemar Moore Naked??? — The National Enquirer has the censored photos of the former soap stud at a gay beach. — And, now, brings you what you really wanna see....Shemar Moore naked!!!! — CLICK HERE to see the uncensored photos of one of TV's sexiest actors.

Julia Roberts bans husband's family from seeing new baby — The cover story in this week's Enquirer is all about Julia Robert's long-standing feud with her husband's family. She is said to have forced them to go to therapy in order to work out what she perceives as their dysfunctional relationships.

Cam Diaz: Exercise makes me look like a man — Cameron Diaz says she can't work out too much or else she begins to look like a man. — The 34-year-old told Cosmopolitan magazine: 'Because of my muscle definition, I can get a very man-like appearance, which I don't like.'

Evan Rachel Wood Reveals What Attracted Her to Marilyn Manson — Asked to sum up boyfriend Marilyn Manson's appeal in just one word, Evan Rachel Wood barely hesitates: "Eyeliner." — "If you've ever dated me, then you would have ended up wearing eyeliner at some point," she tells the British edition of Elle in its August issue.

Cameron Snags One of Britain's Most Eligible Bachelors — Celebrity News: Cameron Snags One of Britain's Most Eligible Bachelors — Cameron Diaz has made Mindfreak's Criss Angel disappear and a new man appear in his place....