Sunday, January 28, 2007


Sorry Daddy, it's too late. That train has left the station already.
Justin does not want to associate his red hot career with her tepid music career and skanky personal image. Plus she cheated on him before so how could he be sure she wouldn't cheat

"Britney Spears’ father is begging Justin Timberlake to save his troubled daughter, says a family insider. According to a source close to [Britney’s dad] Jamie, “Daddy Spears called Justin and said, ‘Forgive her, win her back, save her!”The source says Jamie, who’s battled his own addictions with booze and drugs, believes Justin is the only person who was able to keep his
famous daughte ron the straight and narrow. “I don’t think that Justin has ever really gotten over the breakup with Britney,” said the source. “He knows that she’s a train wreck with a career that’s on a downward slide. I believe that he will
seriously consider coming to her rescue.” According to the source, the plan is
to get Justin to convince Britney to concentrate on her music career and stay
out of the spotlight before she loses more fans. “Britney’s camp knows that the
best and only publicity that would be good for her would be for her to be seen
with Justin,” adds the source." (SOURCE NATIONAL ENQUIRER)

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