Thursday, February 01, 2007


Singer Toni Braxton appeared on The View this week and discussed her son's diagnosis with autism.

Braxton disclosed that she spent two years looking for answers to her son Diezel's developmental issues. He was ultimately diagnosed with autism after starting school in Las Vegas last year.

She says, "I get all emotional... I just found out, and, when you're just finding out about something, it takes a second to get used to it."

Braxton was a special guest host for the shows special on autism. She revealed that her son, Diezel, started struggling when he was two years old. He showed many of the classic symptoms of autism such as insisting on order, developing speech problems and refusing to socialize with other kids.

She explained, "(There was) no eye contact. He didn't play along with his brother; he would play at his side. All the kids would be in the house; he would be away from them. He had to have an order, always an order - he had to eat on the red plate with the Mickey Mouse fork, everything had to be in order. He had to sit on the left side, always."(SOURCE)

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