Thursday, February 22, 2007


Britney please stay in there this time and work out everything you need to work out. Your kids deserve a sane and healthy momma.

"TMZ has confirmed Britney Spears is back in rehab.

We're told the singer is hoping three times is a charm. The emergency custody hearing that Kevin Federline wanted has been cancelled because of the new development. There will be no custody hearing today.

Sources tell TMZ Federline is concerned for Spears' welfare and wants her to get the help she is now seeking. We're also told this weill be Spears' last chance -- if she leaves rehab before getting full treatment, Federline will immediately go to court seeking orders allowing him unquestioned full custody of the children.

We're told Spears showed up at Federline's house last night and he wouldn't' let her in.

Sources say the kids are now in the custody of Federline and have been since last week.

TMZ has just confirmed Spears' inpatient rehab program is supposed to last between 30 and 45 days."

9:30 PM – Britney was picked up by her mother, Lynne Spears, from Kevin Federline’s house where she had spent approximately 45 minutes. Lynne then took Britney to her home in Malibu.
10:20 PM – Lynne was driving Britney and the two were seen arguing in the car. Britney was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt over her head and was curled up in a ball in the front passenger seat.
10:33 PM – Lynne and Britney arrive at the front gate of Promises in Malibu. Video shows Britney sitting up right in the front passenger seat of Lynne's brand new Range Rover. Lynne pushes the intercom to the gate of Promises, informing the staff that they had arrived.

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