Monday, February 05, 2007


For a celeb with soo much money, why do we have to see her hair extension tracks all the damn time? By the time she's ready to drop her new cd and start promoting it, she's not gonna have any of her real hair left on her head.

"When Britney spears heard the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences were staging a charity celeb fashion show, she had her reps call and say she'd love to appear! But organizers- aware she'd made the annual Worst-Dressed List- declined, making it clear that in their lexicon, the words "Pop Tart" and "Fashion" are antonyms! ( or in bayou-speak: Go model a flour sack!)" (NATIONAL ENQUIRER FEB 12 PG 13)

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Pink said...

Well, sorry for Britney if she feels frustrated with the rejection but it really happens. At least she offered.Anyways check out more of Britney at