Friday, February 23, 2007


"Lynne Spears went to visit baby Sean and baby Jayden today at Kevin Federline's house. Rumors had the two conspiring to get the kids away from Britney and to get Brit back into rehab and given the current state of affairs, I'm starting to believe that theory.

When Britney first hooked up with Kevin Federline, I think everyone questioned the backup dancer’s intentions. Afterall, he began seeing Britney while still in a relationship with girlfriend Shar Jackson, the mother of his daughter, Kori, who was several months pregnant with the couples’ second child! Over the next few years, Brit’s fans became more and more concerned that Kevin was just using her when they saw the amount of “things” Britney’s unemployed hubby was acquiring for himself – or so it seemed.

Sources close to the former couple have revealed to X17 that Kevin was actually the only one in Britney’s life who ever said “no” to her and suggest that it was one of the reasons she was so attracted to him in the first place, and possibly why she’s gotten so out of control without him! With no one to rein her in (she recently fired her entire staff), Britney seems to have gone over the edge. In fact, a possible threat from Kevin regarding their children, seems to be the only thing to get her to commit to rehab – hopefully for good! Could it be true that while everyone was calling Kevin a loser, he was actually the more "with-it" half of the couple???(SOURCE X17ONLINE)

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