Wednesday, February 21, 2007


"We just found out exactly what Britney was doing Sunday night at her friend's party that was at On The Rox - not the Roxy. Brit's friend had rented out the private club On The Rox and arranged for karaoke to be set up. Britney arrived with girlfriends who roamed around and left her alone at a corner table in her blonde wig. But Britney DRANK with a vengeance. She asked that all her cocktails be served in plastic cups SO PEOPLE WOULD THINK IT WAS SODA. She downed tequila, vodka, Midori sour, and asked for champagne. What a mix. The karaoke started and a guy got up and started to sing Brit's "Hit Me Baby, One More Time" hit. "Britney feaked out and was nearly crying." another guest told us. She asked the manager to "PLEASE STOP THIS SONG" and he said "I can't do that - he's a friend of the party host" -he didn't realize who she was, so she told him. He had no time to react, because she stormed off in a fury. All we can say is thank goodness for rehab. (SOURCE JANET CHARLETON'S HOLLYWOOD)

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