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The following was posted on a Britney site and it think it could explain part of what's behind Britney's latest antics. First my thoughts-Music is all she knows and if her record label isn't behind her, what is she going to do? She is well aware of her own vocal limitations and I'm sure that is also wrapped up in her low self image issues. Unfortunately she was a young girl marketed as a teen sex kitten and now that she realistically cannot play teen sex kitten anymore (the public is well aware of her 2 marriages and 2 babies), her label feels how can she sell records. Yes her sound could be manufactured to sound the same, but her look will never be as fresh and she cannot play sexy virginal anymore. Imo, I feel with a new life outlook and intense therapy she can begin writing her own lyrics and finding her own true musical voice and still do what she obviously loves to do. She could release her music on her own and not have to worry about corporate suits telling her what to sing or what to wear. Britney, girl get yourself together for you and your kids and you can do anything you want to do! Anyway, here's the post I found:

"Insider news on the DL: Spears is seen by industry insiders as an
ugly, talentless, chubby, attention whore chump. She was cut from her label -
they basically told her that she was too old now for the market she was hoping
to target (tweens). The label also told her that they could not take the
financial risk of backing someone who shows her vagina at every possible
opportunity. The label also stated that Shitney's reputation as a drinking, pill
popping, child neglecter was tantamount to failure and that they didn't want to
be seen as being in agreement with such a mess. The label pulled its support but
told Shitney that she could finish up her over-produced recording but that she
would have to market it elsewhere. The usual chubby belly baring and tit shaking
was planned for a music video but the producer bailed on that too. The label
also said it was very unhappy with Shitney being seen around town with Parasite
Hilton and that all of these factors have come together to make it a bad
business move. The label also told Shitney that she was unmarketable and asked
her camp to come with a marketing strategy which was not forthcoming, hence the
label's decison to ax Spears from their lineup. It is a well known fact in the
recording industry that Spears has an extremely weak voice that needs all the
help it can get and, in these days of requiring their stars to be able to sing
live, the inability of Spears to sing live with no help effectively ends
whatever career she had. Spears has never been the "real deal" and was initially
marketed as a teenage sex temptress. Now that she has had a couple of kids and a
couple of divorces, she is seen as a liability and "not fresh", to coin one
insider's opinion.
February 18, 2007 2:07 PM
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REBlogGirl said...

Ouch, baby. But at least the record lable is taking action. In the Wake of Anna Nicole Smith's death, I think more production companies and record labels need to play it tough with "products" that over indulge and behave outrageously in public. So, Britney, you got exactly what you deserved.