Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Married, divorced, married, divorced... But are they dating again?

"Eminem has reportedly got engaged to ex-missus Kim Scott again - less than a year after the pair got divorced for a second time.

Mathers' mate Akon told the Daily Mirror, "Eminem still loves Kim. They have one of those relationships where they are off one minute and back together the next.

"He can't live with her and he can't live without her. But they are meant for each other. They are engaged again."

Yikes, there relationship is more up and down than a kangaroo on a space hopper.

They were married for the first time in 1999 and split up in 2001, then they got hitched again in January 2006 only to divorce 82 days later.

Interestingly news of their possible third marriage comes in the light of Kim's decision to speak publicly about their relationship, earlier this week.

She said their first divorce came about after she saw 'Nem perform 'Kim' on stage and watched as he strangled blow-up dolls in her likeness. "I slit my wrists and ended up in the hospital," she said.

However, she added, "In our relationship there's a pattern. We'll have two good years and then it will go bad for some reason. It's like a two year max with us...

Seems history's about to repeat itself all over again..."(SOURCE MTC.CO.UK)

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