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Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian welcomed twin boys on Thursday, PEOPLE has confirmed.The twins, named Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick, were born in Los Angeles. They join 4-year-old sister Talula in the Dempsey household.
Dempsey, 41, who plays Derek "Dr. McDreamy" Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy and recently starred in the movie Freedom Writers, announced the pregnancy in September on Live with Regis and Kelly.(SOURCE PEOPLE MAG)

Even before news hit that "The Megan Mullally Show" had been cancelled, Mullally's former "Will & Grace" co-stars wanted nothing to do with the doomed blabfest.
Sources tell TMZ that with her ratings already in the basement, Megan wanted to reunite the "W & G" cast on a special episode around her birthday, which fell during November sweeps. While Sean Hayes did appear in an episode that month, there was no getting Debra Messing or Eric McCormack aboard Meg's sinking ship. Iceberg!
In January, NBC cancelled the daily talker after airing fewer than 75 episodes. Although Messing guested on an early episode in September, Eric never did. Get out!
An NBC rep told TMZ, "We invited several people for that show. Some people could make it, others couldn't because of schedules."(SOURCE TMZ)

TMZ has learned that disgraced Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, is shacking up in the Hardwood Suite in the Fantasy Tower at Sin City's Palms Casino Resort (Justin Timberlake was a recent guest), and she even had a slumber party there -- with her girlfriends (look out!)! Of course, the suite costs a steep $25,000 per night, which leads us to ask, where's the money coming from?
For her recent Miss Jet Las Vegas gig at the Mirage, Rees was rumored to have been paid a paltry $5,000, which would get her about four-and-a-half hours in the room (not including taxes and fees), which happens to have its own basketball court. We're told that she got a "special rate," but didn't get the room completely comped.(SOURCE TMZ)

Actress Amanda Bynes was one of the drivers involved in a multiple car collision in Beverly Hills Wedn. night.
Police quickly responded to the scene, but no injuries were reported. The crash brought rush hour traffic to a grinding halt on one of the busiest streets in Beverly Hills. Witnesses claim Bynes kept her composure after the crash and calmly called for help on her cell. Shortly after, the actress was spotted removing items from her 2005 BMW X5 while she waited for a tow truck to arrive.
No police report was filed. Law enforcement sources tell us the officers only helped facilitate the exchange of information between Bynes and the other driver.9SOURCE TMZ)

Roseanne actress Sara Gilbert and her partner, TV writer-producer Allison Adler, are expecting their second child, PEOPLE has confirmed.
Gilbert, 32, is carrying the child, according to her rep.
Adler, 39, gave birth to their first child, son Levi Hank, in October 2004. The couple have been together since 2002.
Gilbert, who played Darlene on Roseanne, recently guest-starred on ER.
Adler was an executive producer for Emily's Reasons Why Not and Commander in Chief.(SOURCE PEOPLE MAG)

Since the first time Tyra Banks shared a stage with Oprah, she has wanted to BE her. A younger version of her, of course. Tyra admits Oprah has been her inspiration and her show is successful so she's obviously appealing to viewers. Tyra has even gained WEIGHT and made a big deal out of her body image problems like Oprah. Tyra's cool and her coworkers like her (like Oprah) but Tyra has a long way to go to touch Oprah in one department. Oprah is famously generous with her staffers - she's given them Hawaiian vacations, cars, fat bonuses, and much more. This Christmas Tyra gave each employee a thank-you note and a ten dollar gift certifiate for iTunes along with a list of her recommended songs. (SOURCE JANET CHARLETON'S HOLLYWOOD)

Johnny Knoxville's rep confirms to that the Jackass star is calling it quits on his marriage. "They have been separated," Amanda Silverman, Knoxville's rep, tells Us. Knoxville, 35, and his wife Melanie have been married since 1995, but rumors of infidelity reportedly have hurt the relationship. While filming The Dukes of Hazzard, there were wide-spread rumors that he was having an affair with co-star Jessica Simpson, although both parties have denied it.
According to one source, the blame should be put all on Knoxville. "How do you live knowing that your husband leads a separate life... and is sleeping with other women all the time? She deserves every penny if she is going to divorce him," the source told Us.As for if they will get divorced, an insider tells Us, "I really don't know. They have been separated for a while. They just grew apart."
The couple has one daughter, Madison, 10.(SOURCE US MAGAZINE)

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