Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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ANNA NICOLE SMITH has slammed former lover LARRY BIRKHEAD for sending her a box of baby clothes - she found the unexpected gift "scary." Photographer Birkhead is fighting to prove he’s the biological father of Smith’s baby girl DANNIELYNN, but his public statements about his alleged romance and the ongoing war between the former friends has upset the actress/model - and she was perplexed when Birkhead recently sent her a box full of baby gifts.
She says, "He has sent me a box of baby clothes. Inside was a book that said ‘My Family,’ and in the back of it, it had a picture of me and him… It’s kinda scary in a way." In her latest TV attack on Birkhead, which aired on US news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT last night, Smith fired back at strong claims her ex made during a recent appearance on CNN show LARRY KING LIVE. Responding to Birkhead’s claims she miscarried their first child, Smith admitted she has lost babies but added, "not with him." She also dismissed claims Birkhead attended early pregnancy doctor appointments with her, stating "That’s not true." But her real ace could be a confidentiality agreement that Birkhead signed when he was hired as Smith’s photographer - a document he insists he never saw, let alone signed.(SOURCE WENN)

Actress TATUM O’NEAL has offered another side to the family fight that ended with her father RYAN O’NEAL’s arrest on Friday night (02FEB07) - her brothers REDMOND and GRIFFIN teamed up when the actor started getting violent.
In a statement released late yesterday (05FEB07), the Oscar winning actress refused to go into details about the row, which erupted after a family party and left Griffin’s pregnant girlfriend JOJO in hospital needing stitches. But she was keen to make sure the public didn’t side with her father after he released statements yesterday insisting he fired a warning shot in self-defence when his son attacked him with a poker.
In her own statement Tatum O’Neal said, "No matter what my dad is saying in the press, Griffin was not trying to start a fight with him; he was attempting to protect Redmond.
"I’m sure when the police sort out the facts, the truth will be revealed." Ryan O’Neal was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharge of a firearm after neighbours, who heard a shot ring out, called police to the family home.(SOURCE WENN)

KYLIE MINOGUE will make her first public appearance tonight (06FEB07) following her much-publicised dumping at the hands of French actor OLIVIER MARTINEZ last week (ends04FEB07). The Australian beauty and Martinez announced the end of their four-year relationship - during which time Martinez cared for Kylie during her breast cancer battle - on Friday (02FEB07) with the release of a public statement.
And the SPINNING AROUND singer will begin her comeback from heartbreak by attended the opening of Kylie: The Exhibition - which features the numerous outfits she has worn during her career - at London’s Victoria And Albert Museum tonight. (SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has been released on bail after being charged with four driving offences. The BABYSHAMBLES frontman was arrested on 19 November (06) when police officers saw him driving his car erratically near his east London home. He has now been charged with failing to produce driving documents, driving with no insurance, driving a car with no MOT and driving a car while failing to comply with driving licence conditions.
He was bailed to appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court, east London on 13 February (06), and it is understood police will take no further action over allegations Doherty was in possession of crack cocaine at the time of his arrest.(SOURCE WENN)

Former OZ star GRANVILLE ADAMS, who allegedly pushed a man to his death in an elevator shaft last Saturday (03FEB07), insists he was acting in self-defence.
The actor, who played ZAHIR ARIF on the US network HBO prison drama series, says the man’s death was accidental and caused by a faulty elevator. Adams was arraigned yesterday (04FEB07) in Manhattan Criminal Court on a charge of criminally negligent homicide in connection with the death of ORLANDO VALLE early Saturday morning.
The 43-year-old was acting as a host at New York City nightclub BED when he was attacked with a glass object on the back of the head and then felt someone climb on his back, whom he threw off. Adam’s lawyer, EDWARD KENT, claims his client didn’t "push" the person, who turned out to be Valle, into the elevator doors, but Valle hit the doors with enough force to make them open and he then fell into the empty five-story elevator shaft.
According to the police report, Valle suffered from "a fractured back, pelvis, and skull" and later died in hospital.(SOURCE WENN)

Former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star JASON PRIESTLEY and his wife NAOMI LOWDE, are expecting their first child this summer (07).
Priestley, 37, and Lowde, 31, a make-up artist, met in London and became engaged in 2004.
They wed in May 2005 on Paradise Island in the Bahamas in front of 120 guests including his former TV co-stars JENNIE GARTH, IAN ZIERING, TIFFANI THIESSEN and TORI SPELLING.
Lowde helped the actor recover from a near-fatal car accident in August 2002 when Priestley crashed head-on into a wall at a race track in Kentucky.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

JACKASS star BAM MARGERA married childhood friend MISSY ROTHSTEIN in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last Saturday (03FEB07). Margera, a professional skateboarder and star of the MTV shows JACKASS and VIVA LA BAM, married Rothstein, 26, in front of 350 guests. The couple filmed the wedding as part of their new nine-part MTV reality series BAM’S UNHOLY UNION. The show debuted in the US last Tuesday (30JAN07) and the wedding will be shown in the final episode in early April (07). The celebration included a performance by rocker IGGY POP, as well as appearances by skateboard legend TONY HAWK and JAMES IHA, a former member of SMASHING PUMPKINS. Margera insists his marriage will not fall victim to the ‘MTV Curse’ that has befallen other couples on the network such as NEWLYWEDS stars NICK LACHEY and JESSICA SIMPSON and MEET THE BARKERS’ SHANNA MOAKLER and TRAVIS BARKER. He says, "When a celebrity and another celebrity try to make it work, it usually winds up in a divorce because they’re too busy doing their own thing.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

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