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"Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are so over as BFFs -- they ditched the same fashion show in New York just to avoid each other! Both party princesses were slated to appear at the Heatherette show at Fashion Week, but both cancelled at the last minute, says Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News, because they didn't want to cross paths. Britney got as far as the parking lot before deciding she didn't want to risk seeing the hotel heiress, who reportedly branded Britney "an animal" to her friends. But there might be another explanation for Hilton's absence, according to, namely, a long night the night before and its aftereffects, if you know what we mean. Officially, Hilton's no-show was blamed on a stomach condition. (SOURCE TMZ)

JIM Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are so in love, they didn't notice when a hit-and-run driver smashed their parked scooter. Carrey and his Playmate girlfriend were dining on steak and truffle fries at Prime 112 in South Beach Tuesday afternoon. "They started making out all over each other," said a witness. "They were so into each other that they didn't see their scooter, which was parked out front, get hit by a car. It was damaged and dented. The car sped away." The couple rolled the scooter back to their hotel. A rep for Carrey didn't return calls.(SOURCE NY POST)

WHAT is it about Bungalow 8 that makes celebrities get sweaty, horny and discombobulated? Tuesday night, Mary-Kate Olsen was "weaving around and kept falling off the banquettes she was dancing on," our insider said. "She made out with three random guys and was wearing a Mardi Gras mask." A rep for the tiny twin noted that she is sober and declined comment. At another table, also making a spectacle of himself, was Cuba Gooding Jr., who was at a table of women and "kissed like five blondes - he was all over the place." A rep for the actor didn't return calls. Across from Gooding Jr. was an extremely sweaty and "out of it" Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis with his new girlfriend, Samantha Pressley, Kim Kardashian and Kimberly Stewart, who all looked on as Evan Ross made out with Michelle Rodriguez. (SOURCE NY POST)

The wheels might be back on Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow's romance, despite an ugly wreck of a break-up last year. The pair, says Star, was spotted in Solvang, Calif. at a restaurant they used to frequent. They stayed at the Royal Scandinavian Inn, though perhaps in separate rooms to avoid detection. Still, another source says that Crow was just in town to visit members of Armstrong's former cycling team, and that Lance just "happened" to be there too. The verdict, according to an inside source? The singer and cyclist have gotten "extremely close" again but are "just friends" for now.(SOURCE TMZ)

During a recent dinner at Mr. Chow, Nicole Richie told Paris Hilton that she's terrified of prison, according to Life & Style, and she's worried that her second DUI offense might land her there. Paris, no stranger to facing legal punishment herself, told her that everything was going to be fine. (SOURCE TMZ)

Eddie Murphy is the odds-on favorite to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, but now some Oscar voters might be changing their ballots because of Murphy's ridiculous-looking new comedy, "Norbit." According to the L.A. Times, the over-the-top "Norbit," in which Murphy exploits racial stereotypes (and not just black ones) might not be a fitting follow-up to his "Dreamgirls" role. "Every time I pass that billboard, it makes me sick," says an Oscar consultant. And worse yet, is the fact that "Norbit" is drawing fire from black activists who don't understand why yet another black male comedian has to play yet another morbidly obese black woman.(SOURCE TMZ)

It's certainly one way to get over a tough break-up. Cameron Diaz has just gotten $3 million for appearing in a commercial for – yes – a Japanese cell phone company that took just six hours to shoot. In the ad, the new surfer-girlfriend of Kelly Slater, says Us Weekly (via WENN), wears a short bright-green dress and high heels on an urban street. The actress is so absorbed in her phone conversation that she doesn't notice the aliens, pirates, cowboys and mobsters swirling around her. Yep, sounds like a wacky Japanese cell phone spot.(SOURCE TMZ)

Pop superstar BRITNEY SPEARS has denied reports she enjoys lesbian sex with a string of female friends.Rap mogul OMAR ‘ICEMAN’ SHARIF, who is a friend of Spears’ estranged husband KEVIN FEDERLINE, recently accused the singer of frequently indulging in same-sex activities. But GINA ORR, who works at Spears’ record label Jive, has rubbished Sharif’s claims.
Orr says, "It’s not true." Speaking to US magazine In Touch, Sharif said, "Britney was into threesomes and girls," and added the TOXIC star often held lesbian orgies in the home she shared with Federline.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

The pregnant girlfriend of Griffin O'Neal suffered abrasions, blunt head trauma, facial lacerations and a sinus orbital wall fracture during the Saturday brawl at the home of Ryan O'Neal, this according to lawyer Gloria Allred.
Allred held a news conference today and announced she is representing both Griffin O'Neal and his girlfriend, Joanna Berry. Allred says her clients reject any assertion that Ryan was acting in self defense. Griffin and Joanna did not speak at the news conference. Allred says her clients may be called to testify in a criminal case. No word yet on whether charges will be filed.
Ryan O'Neal was arrested for allegedly firing a gun during the incident.

A Los Angeles judge has temporarily barred O.J. SIMPSON from spending the advance he received for his scrapped book IF I DID IT.
Superior Court Judge GERALD ROSENBERG’s ruling yesterday (07FEB07) broadened a January (07) restraining order which prevents the former American football star from spending or transferring money made from any past book or movie deal until the next hearing on 20 February (07). The father of murder victim RON GOLDMAN filed a federal lawsuit in December (06) in a bid to seize the alleged $1.1 million (£564,000) paid to Simpson for the book, which hypothetically places him at the scene of the 1994 murder of his ex-wife NICOLE SIMPSON and her friend Goldman. The federal lawsuit was dismissed last month (JAN07) because California District Judge MANUEL REAL insisted he had no jurisdiction over Florida resident Simpson.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Supermodel KATE MOSS has reportedly banned PETE DOHERTY from attending next Wednesday’s (14FEB07) Brit Awards ceremony - because she fears he is getting too close to pop star LILY ALLEN. The Babyshambles frontman has struck up a friendship with the SMILE pop princess after both performed at UK music festival Get Loaded In The Park last summer (06).
A friend of Moss tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Kate said there was no way that Pete was going to the Brits if Lily was going - especially as she wasn’t going herself.
"Pete was gutted as he was looking forward to it." Allen is up for Best Female, Best Album, Best Single and Best Newcomer at the UK music ceremony.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Pop star MICHAEL JACKSON loves his new home in Las Vegas and is considering several options to stage spectaular shows in Sin City.
The THRILLER star has enlisted the help of SPICE GIRLS mastermind SIMON FULLER and top choreographer/director KENNY ORTEGA to help him stage his comeback.
Jackson tells TOTAL VEGAS TV, "I’m doing fine and am well and really enjoying myself in Vegas. It’s a great place to call home." Ortega claims plans for a Jackson show in Las Vegas are moving forward saying, "We’re talking business and looking at lots of different possibilities.
"This is blue-sky time with a lot of different scenarios up in the air. "We’re working through all of them to find the best, the one that makes the most sense and that’s good for everybody."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

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