Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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"Howard K. Stern hit several setbacks Tuesday in the continuing battles being waged since Anna Nicole Smith died Feb. 8. His sister said that Smith had told her she was uncertain of the paternity of her daughter, Dannielynn. And a court here barred Stern from taking Dannielynn out of the country. Stern's sister speaks:Bonnie Stern says Smith told her months before Dannielynn's Sept. 7 birth that Larry Birkhead could be the father. "When I spoke to (Smith) in March, when she found out she was pregnant, I took her shopping, and she told me the baby was due in mid-October, and that one other person could have been the father and that was Larry Birkhead, but nobody else."What it means: Smith herself expressed uncertainty about her baby's father, which could bolster the freelance journalist's case. And the other men who claim they may be the father may lose credibility.(SOURCE USA TODAY)

Britney Spears'
behavior is backfiring on her. The hard-partying pop tart asked for a purse at the Heatherette show Tuesday, but a fashion source tells us that heiress-model Lydia Hearst turned her down - and it may be because she thinks Spears isn't a good role model.The singer had wanted to be presented with the pocketbook backstage and promised to carry it to her front-row seat at Heatherette, where she would be photographed with the coveted clutch, the source claims. But after Hearst - who had only 100 of the PUMA bags she designed with Heatherette's Richie Rich and Traver Rains - politely declined her "offer," Spears was a no-show.(SOURCE NY DAILY NEWS)

Toni Braxton has settled her multimillion-dollar lawsuit against her former personal manager, representatives of both parties said.Under the settlement, the 39-year-old R&B singer is free to pursue new projects following her return of a $375,000 advance to manager Barry Hankerson, Braxton representative Michael Sitrick said Tuesday.Hankerson had previously demanded an additional $1 million to provide the singer with only a partial release from her contract, Sitrick said.(SOURCE NY DAILY NEWS)

During Grammy weekend, Paris HILTON and her posse sneaked into the Sony party in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Apparently she knows of an obscure entrance. Anyway, she was starting to mingle when security approached her and informed her that she was NOT ON THE LIST! She couldn't talk her way into their good graces and agreed to leave, but dawdled and chatted as she slowly headed to the exit. Guards became annoyed and MARCHED Paris and her embarrassed friends OUT like sheep.(SOURCE JANET CHARLETON'S HOLLYWOOD)

THE feud between Irv Gotti and 50 Cent threatened to erupt into violence at Universal Music chairman Doug Morris' Grammy viewing party at the Palm restaurant in L.A., across the street from the Staples Center. "It was like the Cold War," our spy said. Fitty won the stare-down. Instead of hanging out with Sheryl Crow, Akon, Prince and Jon Bon Jovi, Gotti - the former head of Murder Inc. Records - paid quick respects to Morris and beat a hasty retreat. Gotti signed a deal with Universal, the same company that distributes 50 Cent's G Unit Records, shortly after he was acquitted of tax evasion in December. Before the ink was dry, our insider said, "Irv started bad-mouthing 50 Cent, saying he was going to outsell him and that 50 was nothing. Irv even went so far as to say he was going to be the next president of Universal. It all got back to 50 - and other executives at Universal - and no one is happy with him right now. Especially 50." Gotti's lawyer, Jerry Lefcourt, told Page Six, "He has never said anything about 50 - it's just somebody bringing up old stuff."(SOURCE NY POST)

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Los Angeles home was robbed over the weekend, police revealed Tuesday. No one was in the house when burglars broke in sometime between Friday and Monday, said police Sgt. Lee Sands. A person who arrived at the home on Monday discovered the crime and then called the police.
Authorities would not comment on what was taken – except to say that an unspecified amount of money was missing. There are no immediate suspects in the case. (SOURCE PEOPLE.COM)

Oscar-winner REESE WITHERSPOON has fired her Hollywood agents at Endeavor and moved over to Creative Artists Agency (CAA). The move is the second agency switch for the actress since the retirement of longtime agent STEVE DONTANVILLE, who discovered and signed Witherspoon when she was 13. While at Endeavor, she made the upcoming thriller RENDITION, starring JAKE GYLLENHAAL and MERYL STREEP and signed on for the remake of BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING. A source tells veteran Hollywood columnist NIKKI FINKE Witherspoon's recent split from husband RYAN PHILLIPPE could have played a part in her decision saying, "Going through a divorce causes people to do a re-examination." The WALK THE LINE star is considered to be one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood where she commands an average of $15 million (GBP8 million) per picture.(SOURCE CONTACTMUSIC)

Sharon Stone has been known for eccentricities and bizarre antics before, but she might have outdone herself this week at an auction in Berlin when she tried to entice participants to bid by calling them "naughty little Germans."
All decked out in a formal evening gown, Stone, 48, was acting strangely at the Cinema for Peace gala in the German capital city Monday as she guided the bidding process onstage, according to, which posted the video.(SOURCE FOX NEWS)

Music mogul and American Idol judge Simon Cowell has been accused of planting a British pop star who was once signed to his record company in the second round of the popular show. Former Take That backing singer Tom Lowe has made it through to the TV singing contest's Hollywood round after wowing the judges in Seattle (see YouTube link below), but he stunned Cowell at the end of his audition by saying, "I was at BMG Records in London at the same time that you were there." Lowe was a member of British boy band North And South, who scored four minor British hit singles on Cowell's record label before splitting in 1998, but Cowell claims he can't remember him. However, a furious Idol contestant tells British newspaper The Daily Star, "It's really suspicious that they were at the same record company. Simon claims he doesn't remember him but there's a feeling among some people that this could be a fix. A career in the US could be worth $195 million so there's a lot at stake and people aren't happy." Lowe now works in tourism in Boston and sings in a band called Tommy And The Tigers. (SOURCE STARPULSE.COM)

Paula Abdul's spacy behavior on "American Idol" have prompted many to ponder if there's a tumbler or two of booze in that red cup on the table in front of her on the Fox talent contest.
That's nonsense, the 44-year-old "Idol" judge tells Us Weekly magazine in its Feb. 16 issue. "I've never been drunk. I have never done recreational drugs," she says. "Just look at my 20-year career. Tell me someone who is into partying or doing drugs that could have done that."
In her five years on "Idol," Abdul - a singer and a movie, TV and stage choreographer - has weathered criticism about her sometimes odd behavior, which has included slurred and garbled speech, and her not-so-subtle gushing over the show's young, male singers.
"There have been 100 million lies about me," says Abdul, who has said she's taken prescription medication for health problems, including inflammatory arthritis. "I'm squeaky clean. I've worked my ass off my entire life. (But) being involved in the show causes people to question everything." Last year, Fox announced that Abdul signed a deal to put up with Simon Cowell - oh, and judge, too - on "Idol" through 2008.
"I have never missed a live show," Abdul notes. "Even when I had surgery on my hand (for an infection caused by a botched manicure in 2004), I left my hospital bed to go to the show."(SOURCE YAHOO NEWS)"

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