Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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Nicole Richie snubbed Paris Hilton's 26th-birthday bash on Saturday night in Las Vegas.
Although the tiny terror had dinner in the city and was announced by Paris on the microphone to be "on her way," she never showed up at the Hard Rock Hotel bash.
It's a fresh chill in the relationship of the former best friends, who posed together for a Harpers Bazaar shoot in the Beverly Hills De Beers store just last Tuesday.
Hilton, meanwhile, has been pruning some other friends from her guest list. She declined to invite Kim Kardashian, who made gossip headlines recently for the saga of her own sex tape.
"She didn't want Kim on the red carpet stealing her thunder," says a pal. (SOURCE NY DAILY NEWS)

PAUL McCartney's divorce from Heather Mills McCartney is getting so nasty, she's now threatening to make unsubstantiated claims that McCartney's poor parenting in the past led two of his children to contemplate suicide.
"Paul is asking for full custody of their child, Beatrice," a friend of Mills told us. "Heather is furious. There is no way she would ever, ever agree to that."
Mills is so desperate to keep Beatrice that she is prepared to make the outrageous and unsubstantiated claim to a London divorce court that Paul was such "a bad father" to two of his children with Linda McCartney that they considered taking their own lives. McCartney has four adult children from his happy marriage to Linda - Heather, Mary, Stella and James.
There is no evidence that any McCartney child has ever considered committing suicide. All of his adult children have always said how much they love and admire their father - and come out against Mills.
In her desperation, Mills is asking for full custody of 3-year-old Beatrice. She is also acting as her own lawyer - having fired her divorce attorneys because "she felt she could do a better job herself," her friend said. (SOURCE NY POST)

Diddy may have just had twins with Kim Porter, but his other baby mama feels she's getting smeared by the rumor mill. Hip-hop sources have claimed stylist Misa Hylton-Brim wants to take Diddy back to court to gouge him for more than her current $19,000-a-month child support. The two share a 12-year-old son, Justin. "This rumor is absolutely untrue. I am not taking Sean [Combs] back to court," she told us. And she resents being portrayed as a jealous former lover.
"Sean and I have always maintained a cordial and friendly relationship for the benefit of our son, despite what has been reported in the press," she insists.
She says she also plans to support Justin by launching an online boutique, MadisonStarCouture.com. (SOURCE NY DAILY NEWS)

CHRIS Tucker may be having problems on the set of "Rush Hour 3," but his personal life is looking up. The star is dating soul singer India.Arie, according to spies. "They traveled together to South Africa over the holidays for Oprah Winfrey's party and school opening," said our source, "and they were also together at Mary J. Blige's pre-Grammy party at Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's house in L.A." Tucker's rep said, "Not that I've heard." (SOURCE NY POST)

IT'S getting nasty between New England Patriots quarter back Tom Brady and his pregnant ex, "Six Degrees" actress Bridget Moynahan. Pals of Brady claim Moynahan didn't bother to tell him she was announcing her pregnancy via Liz Smith's column in The Post on Sunday. "Bridget didn't even bother to tell him she was going to go public with this," said a friend. Some say that Moynahan, three months expectant with her first child, "may have gotten pregnant on purpose. She is 36, wanted a baby, and Tom was dumping her. It's a little suspicious." But a friend of Moynahan said, "Please. They dated for three years and they broke up in December - right around the time he found out she was pregnant and he immediately started dating Gisele Bundchen. Who's the gross one here?" A rep for Moynahan said, "We got calls [about the pregnancy] and confirmed them, but he did get a heads-up."(SOURCE NY POST)

Just in time for his screen turn in the upcoming biker-buddy comedy "Wild Hogs," Ray Liotta did a little wild driving of his own. Cruising down Los Angeles' Palisades Drive in a Cadillac Escalade Saturday night, the actor smashed into two parked cars.
When a concerned witness called 911, the former "Goodfella" was booked on a charge of driving under the influence.
The LAPD has confirmed Liotta's arrest on a misdemeanor DUI. He was released after posting $15,000 bail and could face a hefty fine and mandatory AA meetings if convicted when he appears in court next month. (SOURCE DAILY NEWS)

MICHAEL Jordan is living large. The soon-to-be-divorced NBA great flew a gorgeous woman from Miami to Las Vegas for last week's Hoopology Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, sources said. While walking the red carpet, Jordan's lady friend kept 10 paces be hind him, "far enough so no one would suspect she was with him, but close enough to keep her in his sight," our source giggled.(SOURCE NY POST)

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