Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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ANNA NICOLE SMITH’s lawyer and companion has warned the late model/actress’ mother she will not see granddaughter DANNIELYNN unless she drops her battle for Anna Nicole’s body. HOWARD K. STERN issued the ultimatum to a shocked VIRGINIE ARTHUR after reaching a deal with fellow potential parent of Dannielynn and custody rival LARRY BIRKHEAD.But Arthur’s lawyer JOHN O’QUINN slammed Stern’s decision to let Birkhead see Dannielynn, despite banning the child’s grandmother from doing so.Speaking to the New York Daily News, he says, "(Stern) said to her, ‘I’ll let you see her as well - if you give up your appeal.’ Stern said that to her grandmother. How do you like them apples?" A state judge awarded Smith’s remains to her daughter Dannielynn’s legally-appointed guardian Stern last week (ends23FEB07), and recommended the body be buried next to her son DANIEL in the Bahamas, where Smith had been living since last summer (06), but Arthur wants her daughter’s body to be buried in her native Texas.A stay was granted yesterday (26FEB07), meaning Smith’s body cannot be moved from Florida until the appeals court hears the challenge from Arthur later today (27FEB07).Dannielynn is in Stern’s care until a hearing scheduled for next month (MAR07) takes place. (SOURCE WENN)

Wayne Bridges, the father of rapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, died on Sunday at age 52 – just two weeks after his son dedicated a Grammy victory to him. "We are overwhelmed by the generous outpouring of love, condolences and support from family members, friends, fans and the many well wishers," the family said in a statement. "We thank you for your prayers and hope you will understand our need for privacy during this sorrowful time." The Atlanta-based Ludacris, 29, won for best rap album at the Feb. 11 Grammy Awards. In his acceptance speech, he thanked his then-seriously ill father and dedicated the award to him. "I just told millions of people that their prayers are appreciated," Ludacris later said backstage. "He is the reason I am in this music field today. When I was young, how many different genres of different music he used to play for me. So you know, my appreciation for music definitely goes to him and that's why I dedicated my award to him." (SOURCE PEOPLE.COM)

HARRISON FORD has taken on a gruelling fitness regime to get into shape for the return of INDIANA JONES later this year.After an 18 year break from the action adventure franchise, Ford, 64, is determined to get his body back on top form for his reprisal of the famous role.His partner, former ALLY McBEAL actress CALISTA FLOCKHART, says, "He’s on a strict high-protein diet. He’s eating lots of fish and vegetables."It’s hard but he’s already looking great for it. He wants to make sure Indy is as tough as he always was." The fourth film is scheduled for release in 2008 and follows INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, which came out in 1989.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Justin and Pharrell pitch to Reba. Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake dropped by Los Angeles' Record Plant on Tuesday to pitch songs to Reba McEntire for her duets project. "Pharrell heard about the project and heard we were in the studio and he wrote two or three things he wanted her to hear," says producer Tony Brown. "Justin wrote a song for her to sing with him (on the album), and she loved it.(SOURCE www.dicksonherald.com/app.../702150371)

AEROSMITH legend STEVE TYLER was shocked to discover he had contracted blood disorder hepatitis C after an on-stage injury forced him to undergo emergency surgery, The 58-year-old rocker and father of Hollywood star LIV TYLER, had been oblivious to his condition until he was admitted to hospital for surgery on his leg in 2003.He says, "It was God’s strange sense of humour, because it happened during DON’T WANNA MISS A THING, which is the biggest number one single we ever had."Then the doctors told me, ‘Ya’know, your blood looks a little weird, there’s something else going on.’ "They discovered I had hepatitis C, which they call the silent killer. I’d been rockin’ out for years and I didn’t know I had it." Tyler had to undergo treatment for 12 months, and is now free of the disease, but admits the fight against the virus was a punishing experience.He adds, "They do a shot once a week and you get pills and it f**kin’ kills you. But it worked. I don’t have the hepatitis anymore in my blood stream, so now I can get insurance again."(SOURCE WENN)

US rapper FOXY BROWN claims police dragged her out of a toilet with her pants down in the beauty shop where she was arrested earlier this month (FEB07).The 27-year-old, real name INGA MARCHAND, was arrested on suspicion of battery and violent obstruction following an alleged disturbance in the Florida store on 15 February (07), and was disgusted at how officers treated her.She told the New York Daily News, "I was exposed from the waist down on the toilet."The only crime I’m guilty of is being a young black woman. I had to get dressed in front of a total stranger." Brown denies spitting on shopkeeper HAYSSAM GHONEIM and resisting arrest, and claims she is "doing excellent in anger management".The hip-hop star was sentenced to three years probation in October 2006 for assaulting two manicurists at a New York nail salon in 2004. She was also ordered to undergo regular drug testing and attend anger management classes.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

JAMES BROWN’s widow TOMI RAE HYNIE has reached an agreement with trustees of the star’s estate to obtain DNA samples from the late’s singer’s body.Back-up singer Hynie and her son JAMES BROWN have been shut out of the soul legend’s will, with his trustees claiming she wasn’t legally married to Brown and that another man was the father of the young James.On Friday (23FEB07), lawyers for the trustees filed a motion in South Carolina asking for legal permission to take DNA samples from the PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG singer’s body, which is currently in an undisclosed funeral home.It is hoped the DNA samples will clarify how many children Brown fathered. In his will, he listed six children, but several other people have come forward following his 25 December (06) death to insist they are also the star’s offspring.Hynie’s lawyer ROBERT ROSEN said his client initially disagreed with the way the trustees wanted the DNA collected, but they have now come to an agreement, which has lead to the cancellation of a hearing scheduled for today (27FEB07).Hynie is suing for a share of Brown’s estate and if DNA tests prove the singer’s son is fathered by Brown, she will be entitled to some of his financial legacy.(SOURCE WENN)

VICTORIA BECKHAM and her soccer superstar husband DAVID have signed a $19.5 million (£10 million) deal to star in their own reality TV show.The programme for US network NBC will follow the British couple as they move to Los Angeles later this year (07) when David begins a new contract with LA Galaxy.Victoria’s manager SIMON FULLER says, "The Americans were falling over to sign Victoria for TV. They have taken a shine to Vic’s hilarious humour."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

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