Monday, February 19, 2007


Britney is in sad deep ish territory ya'll. The girl is in major trouble and Kevin Federline is gonna end up with those kids. I found some info on another site about how Britney may be flying high on meth and this is why she's acting super duper crazy. It's all rumors, but I can believe it. SHE ALSO SPENT THE WEEKEND PARTYING IN SOME CHEAP ASS WIG INSTEAD OF STAYING HOME WITH HER BABIES.

"Sunday afternoon, the mother of two was spotted without her kids at the
Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles.Wearing a bikini and a wig, the hard-pAArtying
former starlet was chain-smoking and partying with her friends. Then, Sunday
evening, still wearing that cheap-ass wig, an out-of-control Spears continued the party!Britney and some pals headed to the Roxy
nightclub in West Hollywood for a friend's birthday party. She stayed for about
45 minutes and then headed to the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills for some more
partying. One clubgoer who saw Britney last night says, "While she was in the
club she kept going to bathroom all the time, which was weird."(SOURCE PEREZ


"I've been waiting all weekend for this board to approve my membership so I
can point out to you people BRITNEY WAS HIGH ON METH. Unfortunately, Somebody from the "Paris Hilton Mean-Girl's-Club" gave Brit
some Meth to try and MAN...SHE REALLY REALLY LIKED IT. She liked it SO MUCH, she has abadoned her career, her hair and her children. That's what METH DOES. Britney was troubled before she started hanging out with Paris & Company,
but she has such low self-esteem that she allowed these Club-Slut losers to drag
her down even more. For all of you who keep saying her head shaving was "A
REBIRTH", you are very foolish. She was high. Very Very Very Very Very High.
Unfortunately, Britney has become a JUNKIE. Sorry, It sounds cruel, but it is
the TRUTH. She is an addict. Even her so-called Friends (Paris, sluts, etc.)
DON'T WANT HER HANGING AROUND THEM. 3 Weeks ago, I laughed at the idea K-Fed would get the kids. BUT NOW, A judge would be irresponsible if he gave Britney or Lynne (Mom) custody of the children. The entire family is unfit. I can only think Lynne (mom) is kicking herself now for not educating her daughter and
whoring her out to show business. This is an extremely DARK DARK DARK time for
Britney. Nothing about this whole thing is good, at all.(SOURCE BRITNEY

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