Friday, February 09, 2007


"Star magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie has not been eating correctly for months due to the stress of her mother’s illness and eventual death last month.

A source told the magazine that they estimate Angelina weighs just 118lb when 140lbs would be normal for someone her height: “She’s rail thin. You’re afraid to hug her because she might break.”

“Angie doesn’t seem to have a healthy appetite. When she’s depressed or stressed, its worse.”

The source added that Angelina’s partner Brad is also concerned about her weight loss: “He’s worried. He tries to plan meals, but she doesn’t seem interested.”

Angelina was criticised for maintaining a low weight during her pregnancy last year and has recently been spotted with prominent veins in her arms and forehead. She was also reported to have fainted three times while filming A Mighty Heart in India last year with a source explaining at the time: “she’s surviving on trail mix.”" (SOURCE STAR MAGAZINE)

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