Saturday, February 17, 2007


"American authorities have asked Kate Moss to take a drugs test if she wants to go to the US, because of her well-publicised cocaine scandal. The supermodel who is rumoured to be engaged to junkie rocker Pete Doherty, went to the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square two weeks ago to enquire about getting a work visa for the States. But she was told in no uncertain terms that, because of her connection to the class A drug, immigration officials would deny her application without a prior drugs test to prove she's clean. Kate had to face police questioning after a picture was published last year showing her snorting what was alleged to be cocaine in a recording studio.
Despite being labelled "Cocaine Kate" by the tabloids, no charges were brought against her. However, some of the mud has clearly stuck, as we're told: "Kate came into the Embassy to apply for a working visa. The person put in charge of her case had to tell her point blank that the application couldn't be processed without a drugs test.
"It's common practice for American officials to deny people with criminal records or a history of drugs entry to the States, but Kate has never been charged so she looked a little stunned. The Embassy employee explained that her case is different because of her notoriety and her cocaine problem was so high profile.
"Kate accepted this, saying 'OK, I understand' and left the Embassy looking rather dejected, but promised to come back next week."
We're told Kate has a number of offers of modelling jobs in the States and she was spotted checking out apartments in New York last year.
But those plans may have to be put on hold until she takes the drugs test. She's not the first celeb to fall foul of the extremely tight American immigration system. "(SOURCE DAILYMAIL.CO.UK VIA ONTD)

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