Saturday, February 03, 2007


I don't care about him needing room for his chick, but I don't understand he and Britney's temp custody agreement. He has never had Child Protective Services called on him but he gets to spend 4 hour blocks with his kids supervised at Britney's house? Why can't he take them to his house? why can't he take LIL Sean to visit his parents or something? The only thing he can be accused of is being an absent father, I just don't get it.

"He may be working things out with Britney Spears, but Kevin Federline isn't seeing eye-to-eye with the folks at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club in Miami's South Beach. has learned from a source that the 28-year-old rapper/babies' daddy (who's in town for the Super Bowl) wasn't satisfied with his digs at the posh hotel and asked to be moved on Wednesday because his room couldn't accommodate "his women" and "his girls."

We don't know who's picking up the tab (we guess it isn't Britney), but the Catalina peeps complied and moved K-Fed to a pimped-out penthouse down the street at the Chesterfield Hotel.

But Feder-whine will have to complete his many bootylicious conquests by Monday if he wants to see his kids. According to his rep, Mark Vincent Kaplan, the previous temporary child-custody agreement between him and Spears has been extended through February. Translation: Papazao will be on diaper duty effective Monday afternoon from 12-4."(SOURCE GOSSIPROCKS-- PIC SOURCE BOSSIP))

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