Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Remind again me why Kim Kardashian is a celebrity. She's obviously another young rich skanky friend of Paris Hilton's. Anyway, this weekend she just admitted there were several sex tapes of her out there, but in this issue of COMPLEX magazine, she lies thru her lace bra and says no there isn't a sex tape. The word is she's trying to release it while all the while denying she had anything to with it. Paris told her how much money there is to made from home made sex tapes, so there could be a kimkadashianexposed.com coming soon.

The Feb/March issue of Complex hits newsstands next week and it’s chock full of cool shit, but let’s just focus on our juicy cover for the time being. Check out hotty LA socialite, Paris Hilton B.F.F., and stylist to the stars KIM KARDASHIAN. In her first cover story ever, Kim strips down and dishes about the many misconceptions of her in the media, the pervasive new trend of up skirt photos by paparazzi, Hollywood cat fights, and her rumored sex tape. On newsstands everywhere February 13th, but here’s some highlights from the interview and photoshoot to try and hold you over till then. Who loves ya?

On the media’s misconception of her….

“I was in Australia with Paris and I was looking at a newspaper and there was a big picture of me and Paris on the cover.. It said that I have a sex scandal going on and that I’ve dated a few U.S. rappers. I’m like, If you call Ray J and Nick Cannon rappers, then… I was married for four years, had a three-year relationship with Ray, and have been with one person after that. It really bothers me that people perceive me this one way.”

On the increase of “up the skirt” paparazzi photos that recently been exposed…

“I think that is so annoying. Paris has an SLR, you know, the Mercedes? The doors flip up like a Lamborghini. The seat is, like, lower, so in order to get out, you have to literally put your legs up and hop out. Those are the famous shots people have seen lately, getting out of that car. The paparazzi’s motives are so disgusting.”"I mean, if it were me, if they had those shots of me, I’d be mortified. But if it happens three times in a row…Then that’s just weird.”

When asked about Ray J and the sex tape rumors…

“There is no sex tape! Ray J’s not the kind of guy who would do something for revenge. There is no amount of money that could ever convince me to release any tape, even if I had one. I don’t need the money.” (MORE AT SOURCE)

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