Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Like most celebrites, Mariah is a little delusional, but that's ok cause she can actually sing. Can she dress herself in age apropriate ensembles that don't always show off her ample cleavage? No, but I still think she's entertaining.

Mariah Carey is many things, but a shrinking violet isn't one of them.

In the March issue of Playboy, the 37-year-old singer talks openly about her 2001 breakdown, the Eminem dating drama, wardrobe malfunctions and how she actively avoids her own movie.

Behold the paradox that is Mimi, the Jack-Russell-lovin'-Hello-Kitty obsessed-butterfly-totin' diva who still finds time to mock American Idol's Randy Jackson in between losing her top.

Sit back, perhaps even pop a Xanax (!), and enjoy:

On Her Breakdown in 2001:
"What happened was that people made a big deal of when my old publicist pulled the microphone out of my hand because I was venting about Howard Stern. Howard Stern had said a lot of mean stuff about me that morning, as he does about everybody every morning, and I think it really got to me. So I gained five pounds. It’s not the end of the freakin’ world. But I was exhausted, and I did collapse later. Then everybody blew it out of proportion.”

On the Eminem Apology:
"Something is clearly askew with him, and I’m not quite sure what it is. I just heard something else he recently said about me. I’m curious as to why he’s so obsessed with me. I never got an apology letter, by the way; I don’t know what they’re talking about. Then again, I wasn’t exactly searching my mailbox for it."

On American Idol:
I know everybody thinks I’m the poster child for American Idol, but I was really shy when I first came out as a performer....Randy Jackson of American Idol has worked with me since my first record. I’ve known him for so long, and now he’s a huge star. It’s just weird to me. We’ll get mobbed walking down the street. You know how the band is introduced at a show? My little joke used to be that he was Michael Jackson’s brother, and the crowd would believe me and go crazy.

On Endless Wardrobe Malfunctions:
Oh please, there have been so many. On this tour there was a really bad malfunction... It was this little top with a hook and eye on the front. It was a nightmare. The top was so tight that night because we girls have moments when the top might be tighter, but I caught it, and that’s how you know a pro.

On Glitter:
I try to avoid it. Actually, I don’t mind it. There are moments that make me laugh, and I don’t care.... Glitter was such a bomb, but no one ever pointed out that it came out around September 11, 2001.(SOURCE US MAGAZINE)

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