Friday, February 02, 2007


These children were not conceived with the sperm of Michael Jackson. Not one drop was used to create these kids. No way!!! They're cute, but why does Blanket have such long hair?

Michael Jackson's children are usually hiding behind masks ... but not yesterday.MJ's three kiddos; Prince Michael I (pictured here), Paris and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket), were seen without their usual disguises at Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas yesterday. Perhaps the amusement rides there remind them of Neverland. Or being dangled off a balcony.

The King of Pop was not seen in the kids' company, but son Prince's facial expression betrays a slight family resemblance. Jackson took up residence in Sin City last month amid rumors of a deal for regular appearances at a hotel there.

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d mumsie said...

What a jerk, he aborted his nose early on, and is a full fledged freak. Hopefully the children's protection agency will take note of these kids while he is begging and laying on more debt in America and save them.