Tuesday, February 13, 2007


"We have just learned that there might be MORE potential fathers for Anna Nicole Smith's baby - whether they come forward remains to be seen. Here's the story: Anna Nicole and her gay "assistant" Kimmy used to hang at Toucan's Tiki Bar when Anna was in Palm Springs. It was the fall of 2005. Kimmy was friendly with a gay guy at the bar who sold drugs and he and Anna struck up a friendship. (surprise, surprise) Anna started calling the guy (who shall remain nameless) from her LA home and whining about her love life. She wanted stud service. A friend witnessed a call where Anna moaned to her friend "I'm SO bored! I want someone HOT! Not gay, just really HOT! What's Eric Nies doing? Can I get HIM in my bedroom? I'm SO lonely!" This Palm Springs guy apparently sent sexy young straight guys to visit lonesome Anna. Who and how many, we don't know. But they could easily be long forgotten candidates for fatherhood. We'd love to ask Kimmy about this if we could find her. At the very least it indicates that Howard K Stern was NOT her lover."(SOURCE JANET CHARLETON'S HOLLYWOOD)

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