Monday, February 19, 2007


"A Bahamian Government minister has been forced to resign after a newspaper published photographs of him embracing the late model Anna Nicole Smith in bed.
Although both Smith and Shane Gibson were fully clothed in the photographs, they stoked a fury because it was Mr Gibson, as Immigration Minister, who fast-tracked Smith's application for permanent residency on the Caribbean island chain.
Mr Gibson announced his resignation on state television last night, apologising to the Bahamian people for any embarrassment he may have caused the country.
“I want to apologise to all persons who may in any way have been offended by anything that I have said, done, or perceived to have said or done,” Mr Gibson said. “To the extent that my beloved country has in any way suffered ... I want to apologise to the Bahamian people as a whole." (SOURCE TIMESONLINE.CO.UK)

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