Monday, February 19, 2007


"JUNKIE Pete Doherty's claim that he's beating drugs is a pathetic LIE.
The Babyshambles rocker was caught on a mobile phone camera snorting a deadly mix of cocaine and the horse tranquilliser ketamin.
Pasty-faced Doherty, 27, can be seen hoovering up line after line of the nightmare cocktail, which he fondly calls CK.
And the pal shooting the footage can be heard warning him: "You're doing them too big, Pete. It's dangerous - you need to calm down a bit, man."
The sickening film makes a mockery of the star's insistence that he is winning his battle against hard drugs.
And it will be a shattering blow to his supermodel lover Kate Moss, 32, who has blown a fortune on trying to free him from his addiction.
Doherty's latest binge - at a pal's flat in Tottenham, north London - came just a week after he was filmed in Thailand on ANOTHER coke spree.
And only nine days later he brazenly told a judge he was beating his habit after being convicted of possession last year - and was praised for his "great efforts".(SOURCE PEOPLE.CO.UK)

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