Friday, February 09, 2007


“It is looking like Becks will have to give them all the sack because they will rarely be outside the US and won’t be needed. The hunt is now on to find an American security team to look after them in LA.

“It’s proving to be a massive headache because David and Victoria are comfortable and so happy with their current team.”

The Beckhams’ security staff work two weeks on, two weeks off and get paid handsomely, at more than £1,500 a week.

Two of the team are ex-SAS members and the entire crew are highly trained. The Beckhams’ management team have explored every possible immigration avenue, investigating all the loopholes but with no success.

Even their celebrity status has failed to earn any special treatment for their staff.

The US authorities will not grant foreigners a work permit if they believe Americans are capable of doing the job.(SOURCE)

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