Monday, February 05, 2007


Why Katie would allow this crazy little man to run her life is beyond me. But she does look beautiful though, vacant, but beautiful.

"After picking out a pair of kicks in the shoe dept. of the BevHills Neiman Marcus, Katie Holmes freaked when an apologetic salesgirl told her she couldn't ring her up right away because she was helping another shopper. Checking her watch crazed katie yelled, " I need you to ring up these shoes now because my husband expects me home at 5- and I HAVE to be there! Shoppers heads swiveled toward the ultra-agitated Mrs. CruiseControl, and the woman ahead of her stepped aside and said graciously, "please go ahead of me dear." Katie thanked her, paid up and split lickety-split." (SOURCE NATIONAL ENQUIRER FEB 12 PG 12)

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