Sunday, February 18, 2007


There are rumors circulating that Britney was raped in NY and is now going mental. I hope it's not true, but if it is then she really needs serious help now more than ever. I found this post on another message board:

"I know for a fact britney was sexually attacked at an after party in an
empty room and the guy got away. She was drunk and acting stupid and a guy lured
her to an empty area and attacked her and raped her.
She did not go to the hospital in new york. She came back to LA and is going crazy. "

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d mumsie said...

She was rapped! To hear rap.. since K-Fed she finds that more horrendous to experince, not raped. Really she and her new stripper, hoo-ha ho show girlfriends, whom she is luring to do even worse, are thinking of ways to vex the public and her family with freaky acting out skits. Britneys bored, a spoiled brat and a harasser more than she is harassed. She may be seeking to become the queen of