Friday, February 16, 2007


When that old man dies within 5 yrs, what the hell are these plastic girls gonna do with themselves?

"For those of you who do not have the E! Network and can't watch the reality tv series based around the life of Hugh Hefner and his posse of three girlfriends, you're missing out on a very pretty lady named Holly Madison. She is Hef's Number 1 girlfriend, which means that she shares his bedroom with him, while the other girls sleep in their own individual bedrooms.
Holly arrived at the Playboy Mansion in 2001 and become a part of the then larger stable of all blonde girlfriends jockeying for a place in Hef's heart and magazine. She was not a bombshell like the rest of the girls, but there's nothing that a little money can't fix.
It looks like she has had:1. facial fillers (to make her cheeks and under eye area fuller and younger)2. lip augmentation3. rhinoplasty4. a brow lift. "(SOURCE GOODPLASTISURGERY)

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