Thursday, March 08, 2007


"TMZ has learned Anna Nicole Smith's bodyguard talked to the Seminole Police Department today about the circumstances surrounding Smith's death.We're told the cops went to Big Moe's house this morning in Pembroke Pines, Florida, because they had questions about the security camera video at the hotel where Smith died. Sources say Big Moe told the cops Anna was on "heavy doses" of prescription drugs that day, including flu medicine and antibiotics. Sources say Moe also told cops that in the months leading up to Smith's death, Howard K. Stern gave her "some types of drugs," though he didn't specifically know which. As he put it, "Anna was in a cloud."And there's this: Although Moe has not told cops about this, he privately says that Howard K. Stern had certain patterns of conduct when it came to Anna Nicole, and that pattern changed the day she died. We're told it has to do with how Howard would constantly check up on Anna, but he went MIA during the critical time before her death, and Moe says that was "highly strange." (SOURCE TMZ)

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