Thursday, March 01, 2007


How sad and pathetic is this story? My concern is that although rehab can help Britney remain sober, they won't be giving her a common sense transplant. She has shown time and time again that she does not have the common sense of a fruit fly.

"Before checking in to Promises rehab center in Malibu for the second time, Britney Spears enjoyed a strange, bewildered day with two new friends.
Bright and early on February 17, a newly bald Spears arrived at L.A.'s chic Mondrian hotel, ready to catch some rays. But the star was denied a room due to lack of credit cards or cash.
By 11 a.m., an undeterred Spears, 25, had stripped down to a bra and panties poolside, then shaved her legs in the pool bathroom.
“It was sad,” says a source. “It looked like she really needed a friend.”
She got two – at least for a few hours. Around noon, Spears (then in a blonde wig) began chatting up a woman in the bathroom, who offered to loan the pop star a bathing suit.
Spears followed her new friend to her hotel room where -- after changing into a borrowed bikini -- she raided the minibar.
“She grabbed four or five bottles and just started mixing everything and drinking them.”
What happened when the group returned poolside? How many drinks did Britney down that day?" (SOURCE US WEEKLY)

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