Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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US Vice President DICK CHENEY is being treated for a deep vein thrombosis in his left leg.The 66-year-old politician, who has had four heart attacks, was treated by doctors yesterday (05MAR07) and has been put on blood-thinning medication he must take for several months.Cheney’s spokeswoman MEGAN McGINN says, "The vice president experienced mild calf discomfort. In light of his recent prolonged air travel, he visited his doctor’s office."An ultrasound revealed a deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or blood clot in his left lower leg. The vice president has returned to the White House to resume his schedule." In recent years DVT has been associated with air travel because of passengers’ immobility during long flights. Cheney travelled 25,000 miles during 65 travelling hours on a recent nine-day trip to Japan, Australia and Pakistan.(SOURCE WENN)

Hip-hop mogul SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS has vigorously denied claims he assaulted a man at a post-Oscars party. GERALD RECHNITZER, 27, claims Combs turned violent when the former questioned why the hip-hop mogul was flirting with his fiancee.Rechnitzer alleges he and his fiancee bumped into the rapper at Teddy’s club in the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood in the early hours of 26 February (07).In court documents, Rechnitzer claims Combs shouted, "What the f**k (are) you looking at, dude?" before threatening to "smack flames out of your ass".Rechnitzer is accusing Combs of "intentionally, willfully, knowingly and unlawfully attacking, assaulting and battering" him at the party and is seeking compensatory and punitive damages in a lawsuit, filed on Friday (02MAR07) in Los Angeles Superior Court.However, Combs refuses the accusations, with his lawyer BENJAMIN BRAFMAN saying, "(The case will be) vigorously defended. It’s just another example of an opportunist seeking to fabricate a lawsuit based on a flat-out lie to try to take advantage of Mr Combs’ celebrity status."Mr Combs did not hit anyone and Mr Rechnitzer suffered no injuries or damages whatsoever. There is no case. It is that simple."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

KANYE West, who's slated to perform in Al Gore's Live Earth extravaganza touting global warming, needs to learn about shrinking his own carbon footprint. The hip-hop artist has asked a restaurant in Cardiff, Wales, to fly a chef and a meal across the Atlantic to a Manhattan business meeting tomorrow for about $4,000, plus travel and accommodations for the chef. (SOURCE NY POST)

MARIAH CAREY prompted tears on the set of her new movie TENNESSEE after performing a song she co-wrote with country legend WILLIE NELSON.The WE BELONG TOGETHER star, who plays an aspiring country singer in the film, unveiled track RIGHT TO DREAM last week (ends02MAR07) - and the film’s director AARON WOODLEY admits he was "moved" by the star’s emotionally charged performance.He says, "People were weeping on the crew when she sang it. It’s very moving, especially in the context of the film and her character." And Woodley adds Nashville, Tennessee locals were star-struck after spying Carey filming in their hometown.He explains, "There I am, sitting on the edge of a boxcar with Mariah Carey, breezing through town. We slowed down to go over a bridge, and there were people sitting in cars. I think they did a double-take: ‘I swear I just saw Mariah Carey on a boxcar.’"(SOURCE WENN)

British actor HUGH GRANT has found an alternative to plastic surgery - elastic bands.The 46-year-old used the trick for his role as a 1980’s pop star in latest movie MUSIC & LYRICS alongside DREW BARRYMORE, and he confessed he didn’t want to let go of the prop after the cameras stopped rolling.He says, "I had to play myself back in the Eighties, so I had an elastic lift - it’s a tight piece of band around the face that’s invisible but makes you look like you’ve had a facelift."I loved it and refused to take it off for a week!"(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Hollywood star ANNE HATHAWAY has criticised BRITNEY SPEARS and LINDSAY LOHAN for recently panty-less pictures in the press, insisting they are sending out the wrong message to young fans.The actress, 24, admits she panicked when she got a new haircut for her role as ANDY in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA because director DAVID FRANKEL told her she would influence young girls to get similar hairstyles. But Hathaway is glad she is still considered a good role model to young fans - unlike troubled stars Spears and Lohan who like to go commando. She says, "While we were shooting, the director said, ‘You’re going to start a hair trend.’ And I got so excited, I’ve never started any kind of trend before. But then I felt awful because mothers are probably not going to be happy with their daughters getting expensive haircuts. I felt guilty! "But I guess it’s not the worst trend to start. At least my character was wearing underwear!"(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Former US President GEORGE BUSH has dubbed photographs that show him feeling actress TERI HATCHER’s bottom "a fraud".The pair, firm friends, were snapped enjoying lunch together last month (FEB07). When they parted, the 82-year-old appeared to pat Hatcher’s backside.Hatcher was apparently shocked when confronted with the picture - but Bush claims it is a camera trick.He told US TV show EXTRA, "I have been teased about it relentlessly. (A website) accused me of patting her backside, which I did not do. The camera lies, it’s a fraud."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

RACHAEL Ray was attacked by a dog in Union Square Park Saturday while bravely defending her pit-bull mix, Isaboo. According to the TV host's rep, "This dog came up - there was no owner in sight - and became aggressive. Rachael and some others shooed it away, but it came back and attacked Isaboo. Other dogs were involved, and Rachael jumped in and was bit by one of the dogs on the leg. A nurse was in the park and checked her out. She's fine." (SOURCE NY POST)

Soccer star David Beckham suffered an injury to his right knee during a game on Sunday.
The Real Madrid midfielder, who signed a $250 million contract to play for the L.A. Galaxy in January, was hurt when he collided with an advertising sign while playing at home against Getafe.
After the injury, Beckham, 31, tried to continue playing, but ultimately limped off the field (completely overshadowing injured "lesser teammate" José Antonio Reyes, who had to be carried off the field in a stretcher, by the way).
Beckham was later diagnosed with damaging the lateral internal ligament of his right leg and is undergoing further tests Monday to determine the extent of the injury and its potential impact on his move to Major League Soccer in July. (SOURCE US WEEKLY)

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