Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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BRITNEY SPEARS is facing bankruptcy after spending a staggering $21 million (£11 million) in the past two years, according to a British newspaper.The troubled pop princess is currently being treated for a substance abuse problem at California’s Promises rehab clinic.The Daily Star alleges Spears is "scared to death" of the financial situation she faces when she leaves the centre, after spending two thirds of her $32 million (£16.5 million) fortune.A family friend is quoted by the newspaper, saying, "She has to concentrate on staying sober, but she can’t do that if she has to worry about going broke which is exactly what she thinks will happen."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

The parties in the Anna Nicole Smith paternity battle are expected in court in the Bahamas today, and sources tell TMZ that this is the day the judge will probably force everyone to pony up DNA samples to determine who Dannielynn's daddy really is. What's more, we're told experts in DNA are scheduled to testify in a secret hearing. And sources inside the case say if Howard K. Stern is ordered to produce DNA samples of Dannielynn, he will comply. But TMZ reported yesterday that rumors that Dannielynn's DNA has already been taken in advance of today's hearing just weren't true.(SOURCE TMZ)

WHITNEY HOUSTON’s toyboy, RAY J, has been offered the chance to become a hardcore porn mogul by adult film bosses who liked what they saw on his X-rated sex tape.The singer, R&B star BRANDY’s little brother, filmed a sex session with ex-girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN and the footage found its way into the hands of porn bosses at Vivid Entertainment.The sex film experts are so impressed with Ray J’s X-rated skills, they want to give him the chance to get paid for filming others getting hot and heavy.According to website TMZ.com, Ray-J has been offered a four picture deal by Vivid Entertainment bosses, who want him direct films.Company CEO STEVEN HIRSH tells the website, "Our first conversations were very uncomfortable, but, after continuing to talk, the possibility was definitely in the air."

Pamela Anderson is addressing — sort of — those rumors that she’s reuniting with ex-hubby, rocker Tommy Lee, who she divorced and charged with spousal abuse and who is the father of her sons. “My biggest concern has always been my boys — they are completely well adjusted and happy and thriving," she writes on her blog. “Their Dad has been in their lives in a productive but small way over the years — I’ve tried to remarry — move on — like any other single mom I’ve tried to create a healthy example for my kids always, that’s why I realized early on that we are better off on our own right now and work on our friendship if nothing else with their father who’s admittedly made mistakes but adores us. “People do need time to grow up sometimes. I have faith that we’re heading in the right direction. I’m really not interested in bringing any other men into our lives.” (SOURCE MSNBC)

Britney Spears’ favorite aunt says that what the pop star needs more than rehab is to get herself back home.
“Britney has to sort her priorities out and quickly, before it is too late, otherwise she may end up dead,” Chandra McGovern, who was married to the singer’s uncle, told the UK’s Daily Star Sunday. “’It is heartbreaking to go from knowing Britney as she was as a child to seeing how she is now, with everything falling apart. It is sad. It has all gone horribly wrong for Britney and I am truly terrified about what might happen to her.”
The “Toxic” star needs to breathe some of that good old Louisiana air, says the 32-year old McGovern.(SOURCE MSNBC)

KIRSTEN Dunst has kicked Drew Barrymore's ex, Fabrizio Moretti, to the curb. The blond pixie is now dating Razorlight frontman Johnny Borell, whom she met at a Razorlight show three weeks ago. They showed up at Blender House at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin this weekend and danced to the house band while "kissing and cuddling on the dance floor and drinking Absolut cocktails," a spy said. Also there was Cisco Adler, who was hitting on a girl from the band the Pierces. (SOURCE NY POST)

DON'T expect to see "Desperate Housewives" star Jesse Metcalfe by the pool at West Hollywood's Mondrian any time soon. According to hotel guests, Metcalfe "was blacklisted" from the Mondrian after "partying for four days straight last week and being really mean to the staff." The last straw came on Friday, when Metcalfe "blew up at the doorman at Skybar because they wouldn't let him in." Metcalfe's bad behavior resulted in him not getting a guest room on Saturday, although a hotel rep claims he has not been officially banned. A rep for Metcalfe had no comment. (SOURCE NY POST)

Actress SUZANNE SOMERS has publicly thanked pals FARRAH FAWCETT and ELLEN DeGENERES for their support after her Malibu, California home burned down in wildfires at the beginning of the year (JAN07).The two ladies were among the first people to call and give the devastated actress their best wishes after the tragedy hit the headlines.Somers agreed to appear on yesterday’s (19MAR07) ELLEN show so she could thank the caring celebrities who took the trouble to pick up a phone.After thanking DeGeneres personally, Somers told the host’s studio audience and viewers, "She called me in the height of this moment when I was just having the realisation."When you called it meant so much to me… It was so caring and people always like to put us down in this business but I think the women in this business are so fantastic… You’re a good person. After you called, Farrah Fawcett called and she was going through this terrible chemotherapy, and so there has just been a lot (of support)." And it wasn’t just celebrities who stunned Somers with their generosity of spirit: "The T-shirt shop sent T-shirts and sweatpants from the little village in Malibu and I had a sandwich and the guy wouldn’t let me pay."(SOURCE WENN)

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