Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Troubled pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has agreed to hand KEVIN FEDERLINE a massive $19 million (£10 million) divorce settlement, according to reports.
Four months after splitting, the pair have reached an agreement over joint custody of their two sons, 18-month-old SEAN PRESTON and JAYDEN JAMES, six months - and a financial deal which will make Federline a wealthy man.
According to British newspaper The Sun, Spears’ was driven to finalise the divorce during her spell in rehab to treat substance abuse.
Under the deal Federline will get a $2 million (£1.1 million) lump sum plus half Spears’ earnings during their marriage and half the proceeds from the sale of their Malibu, California home.
A source tells the newspaper, "Everything changed when Britney went into rehab. She and Kevin started talking again and he’s been a tower of strength for her.
"Her time in rehab has given Britney a lot of time to think, and has shown her Kevin loves his kids and is a good dad."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Atlanta radio stations and New York Post’s Page Six column have been agog over a lengthy piece of video initially posted on and then yanked from the Web site this week. It features Atlanta record and film producer Dallas Austin talking smack about sleeping with Christina Aguilera and the pop star’s seeming obsession with him. Austin also alleges that Aguilera and Brit soul siren Joss Stone sleep with producers in exchange for music.
On Tuesday, the Atlanta producer issued the following statement to the AJC:“Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction. My statement about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone was a reaction to an incident I care not to discuss in any forum, and while I may have felt justified, I do owe an apology to Christina, Joss and their families. The comments I made about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone were purely an act of retaliation not of malice or cruel intent. As we all have our boiling points, I sincerely apologize as this is not my character nor should I have let anyone’s actions push me to this limit. I have let my family, friends, employees and business associates down with my actions. All content and any malicious statements that were in my control have been removed from outlets that may have posted this. Please accept this as my formal statement and apology to all parties involved.”
Aguilera’s rep Cindy Guagenti, meanwhile, told us:
“She’s not commenting on such ridiculous statements, and we are consulting a lawyer to explore her options.”Representatives from Stone’s label did not respond by press time.(SOURCE ONTD)

A hot new couple got together last week: Kevin Connolly and Haylie Duff. They were out together at Le Deux on Wednesday , looking like they were getting to know each other. On Saturday night they showed up at the after hours club Xenii holding hands and looking very together. "They were obviously on a date and were side by side, very cozy all night. They left arm in arm" another clubgoer told us. Kevin is a flirt but he really prefers having a steady girlfriend. He's had no serious romances since Nicky Hilton. Haylie briefly dated lecherous AJ DiScala but fortunately nothing came of THAT. Right now she and Kevin are doing just fine.(SOURCE JANET CHALRETON'S HOLLYWOOD)

PAUL McCARTNEY’s estranged wife HEATHER MILLS has laughed off speculation over whether her prosthetic limb is likely to come off during filming on US TV’s DANCING WITH THE STARS, because she keeps it strapped on tightly.
The former model, who lost her left leg when she was hit by a motorcycle in 1993, joked about her false limb with US chat show host LARRY KING last night (20MAR07).
She says, "It comes off very easily but I have a strap on.
"If it comes off and hits LEN GOODMAN (judge) then I’ll be in trouble." And Mills insists she isn’t bothered about websites taking bets on whether her leg will fall off.
She adds, "I think it’s funny. It’s about having a sense of humour."(SOURCE WENN)

PAMELA ANDERSON has confirmed rumours she is reteaming with BAYWATCH producers to make another beachfront TV show, declaring, "I’ve come full circle".
The 39-year-old actress is in pre-production plans to make a Malibu, California-set drama, following the cancellation of her bookstore comedy STACKED last year (06).
She enthuses, "One more TV show I think, maybe three more years on the beach.
"I can’t say no to the guys from Baywatch, they are great to my kids. My schedule is built around theirs, just a few days a week.
"I’m close to home - I love the idea - flamingo kid meets Baywatch. The show is called MALIBU. I’ve come full circle - back to the beach."(SOURCE WENN)

GWEN STEFANI has praised her son KINGSTON for making her life "much more fun".
The HOLLABACK GIRL singer concedes her son - who she gave birth to in May last year (06) - has enhanced her day-to-day enjoyment, and insists the tot has also touched the lives of her entourage.
She says, "People are like so excited and happy for me. I find the whole thing amazing. He’s just made my life so much more fun.
"And everyone I’m around, that surrounds me, all my entourage of people that help me out - it’s made their lives fun as well."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Hollywood actress CHRISTINA RICCI found an unlikely shoulder to cry on while working on BLACK SNAKE MOAN - her co-star SAMUEL L JACKSON.
The 27-year-old star concedes Jackson was the perfect on-set pal, and would listen to her woes whenever she encountered any problems.
She says, "He is so on my side now. We worked together so well and just got along so well and trusted each other so much.
"Sam did kind of play my father figure on set and I would go to him whenever I had a problem.
"I would cry to Sam and Sam would fix it."(SOURCE WENN)

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