Tuesday, March 06, 2007


"Larry Birkhead will always have his former girlfriend Anna Nicole Smith on his back, literally. Access Hollywood's exclusive interview with the photographer and former boyfriend of Smith revealed a cartoon impression of the late blonde bombshell, located just above his jean line.
"I have a tattoo on my back so I carry that around," he told Access. "It's a picture of Anna so wherever I go, she goes."The tattoo was inked on Birkhead in December 2005 when he and Anna were still together. He got the body art in fact, at the insistence of the former Playboy cover star."I really didn't want a tattoo and then we argued about it forever," Birkhead told Access. "Then finally when I got to the point I wanted to do [it] because I wanted to, then finally she said 'Okay, don't worry about it.' Then I said 'I'll do it.'"Birkhead said Smith actually helped him through the tattoo process, which for some can be painful."She held my hand when I got it because I'm just the biggest baby around -- needles and all that," he laughed. "At one point I was like going down for the count and she was feeding me orange juice and candy bars to try to get me to wake up. She's like ‘quit being such a baby. Quit being such a sissy.'"The couple went home after the process and Birkhead said he removed the bandages before going to bed."When I got up the next morning, the imprint was on the sheets," he recalled. "She kept the sheets. She folded the sheets up and kept it because it had the exact picture of the tattoo, something she wanted to keep."More than a constant reminder of Anna, Birkhead told Access he used to use the tattoo during lovers quarrels with Smith while they were dating."If I ever got mad at Anna – if I was at the beach or something, I'd wear surf shorts and I'd pull them up a little bit," he said. "She'd say ‘What are you doing trying to hide me back there.' It's crazy. It's something you do."Birkhead's tattoo includes Anna's real signature. Smith also had a tattoo of herself on her lower back. But the former couple shared more than just Anna Nicole inspired body art."We always had matching cross, diamond necklaces and I gave her mine," he said. "She was actually wearing it when she passed away."(SOURCE ACCESS HOLLYWOOD)

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