Sunday, March 18, 2007


"Britney Spears' rumoured new beau, Jason Filyaw, refuses to comment on rumours of a romance with the recoving pop star but coyly says, "It will all come to light very soon, I promise you." Uh-huh.Leaving an AA meeting just hours ago, the lead singer of Riva says he and Brit go "way back" to 2003 when he recorded some music with her at The Hit Factory in New York City.In a clear attempt to deny the obvious, Jason is happy to compare himself to Kevin Federline, saying, "I'm not in this to promote my music." Right, likely story."(SOURCE FADEDYOUTH)


anonymous said...

She has a important problem with drugs. She needs stay in rehab much time and
not to have boyfriends.

LRM said...

That is so photoshopped! Look at the size of her head and look at his! She looks like an almond next to him!