Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Someone must have put Krazy Glue in Ashlee Simpson's dinner Friday night because she couldn't get her tongue out of her boyfriend's mouth. has learned exclusively that Simpson, 22, and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 27, didn't hold back in front of everyone at their table, (including Simpon rumored ex Adam Brody, 27, and singer JC Chasez, 27) at Mastro's in Beverly Hills on April 6.

The tongue-in-cheek couple were attending a group dinner for actor Brett Harrison's birthday.

Ashlee and Pete were "all over each other," a source tells "They were really amping it up to get to Adam, who was cordial but clearly annoyed." Although the source insists Adam and Ashlee only flirted but never actually hooked up, Adam was still visibly irritated by the display.

"He was trying to be nice and chat but then couldn't take it anymore. He eventually left in disgust with JC. It clearly got to him," the source says. "Ashlee and Pete continued making out and causing a scene at the table for the rest of the meal."(SOURCE US WEEKLY)

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