Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Sanjaya Malakar, probably the most controversial singer in American Idol's history, was finally ousted on Wednesday night's elimination episode.
The 17-year-old from Washington state probably knew his fate was sealed going into the show's final 20 minutes: By then, Ryan Seacrest had announced his name as one of a bottom three that would have been unthinkable only the night before. The other two were the far, far superior LaKisha Jones and Blake Lewis. Simon Cowell, who never tried to conceal his annoyance at Sanjaya's endurance despite pitchiness and a series of lackluster performances, all but licked his chops as he said, "I'm beginning to sense something here." (SOURCE PEOPLE.COM)

Beyoncé Knowles
is going to war with a pop star from the past who claims the former Destiny's Child star covered her song, but didn't cover her ass. According to a lawsuit filed yesterday in Manhattan Federal Court by music administators, Beyoncé allegedly never obtained proper clearance to cover a song called "I'm Kissing You," originally co-written by a singer named Des'ree -- famous for her 1994 smash hit, "You Gotta Be." Des'ree's version was used in Baz Luhrmann's 1996 film "Romeo and Juliet," Beyoncé's version can be found on the re-release of her album, "B'Day." In the lawsuit, Des'ree and her reps claim that Beyoncé, along with her record company people, originally tried to work out a deal to use the song. When they weren't satisfied with the proposed terms -- which included not being able to change the title or make a music video for the song -- Beyoncé allegedly blew off copyright law completely, and recorded the song and video without permission. The song was eventually released on Beyoncé's album, "B'Day - Deluxe Edition" on April 3, 2007, with the title "Still in Love (Kissing You)."
Des'ree is suing to halt distribution of the song, video and album and seeking at least $150,000 in damages. Lawyers for Beyoncé and Des'ree couldn't be reached for comment. (SOURCE TMZ)

Chris Rock asked a court to determine if he's the father of a 13-year-old boy, according to papers filed in a paternity dispute with a Georgia woman.
If he's proven to be the father, Rock wants to "contribute to the support, maintenance, and education" of the boy, say the papers filed Monday in Statesboro, Ga.
Kali Bowyer had first tried to file a paternity action against Rock last month, but withdrew it because Rock, a New Jersey resident, lives outside the southeastern Georgia court's jurisdiction, the Associated Press reports. Rock's filing now starts the proceedings. (SOURCE PEOPLE.COM)

IF you want Snoop Dogg to play at an event, not only will you have to pay his $150,000 fee, you'll have to accommodate his unusual tastes and enormous entourage. Organizers of Tuesday night's Pussycat Dolls concert at Cipriani Wall Street to benefit UNICEF, which also featured the rapper, had to fly in more than 10 members of his posse, first-class. Then, at the last minute, Snoop almost didn't go on because, "he insisted on having an Xbox in his dressing room," an insider said. "We finally found someone who lent us their kids' Xbox, and had to put Snoop somewhere on the third floor because he was smoking so much dope." Snoop and his pals were having such a good time they were an hour late making it to the stage, forcing the Pussycat Dolls, who were paid $300,000 to perform, to actually talk - which wasn't a good thing. While introducing themselves, one of the blond dolls thanked "Unicel" instead of "UNICEF." A rep for Snoop - who is open about his love for reefer - didn't return calls.(SOURCE NY POST)

In November 2004, the world’s most famous adult film actress, Jenna Jameson, went to the dermatologist to treat some veins on her back, and was shocked when the doctor discovered a misshapen mole that turned out to be malignant melanoma.
Then, before Jameson could go into surgery, a blood test revealed that she was two months pregnant. But her joy soon turned to sadness. The day after she received the happy news, the porn star miscarried, probably due to the stress of the cancer.
The following month, Jameson had the mole excised and has been 100 percent cancer-free ever since. In an exclusive interview, the 33-year-old devout Catholic (and author of How to Make Love Like a Porn Star) tells Us Weekly that she’s made peace with her heartbreak.(SOURCE US WEEKLY)

THE buzz at the Cinema Society screening of the new thriller "Fracture" was over star Ryan Gosling's love life. He walked the red carpet at the soiree with his frequent red-carpet companion - his mother. Though the swaggering stud refused to speak about recent girlfriend Rachel McAdams - our sources said they're "definitely over" - Gosling confirmed a steamy sex scene with co-star Rosamund Pike was cut from the picture. He told Page Six, "In the end, it just didn't feel necessary."(SOURCE NY POST)

FATHERHOOD is proving to be expensive for 50 Cent . On Monday, the rapper was ordered by Suffolk County Support Magistrate Aletha V. Fields-Ferraro to immediately pay $10,000 for the support of his son, Marquise Diamond Jackson, 10. The boy's mom, Shaniqua Tompkins, was also granted $15,000 in monthly expenses. And Fitty was already in a bad mood. When he arrived at the courthouse with a posse of four, he balked at going through metal detectors and caused a commotion as he vainly demanded VIP treatment. Their next court date is June 11.(SOURCE NY POST)

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