Friday, April 20, 2007

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ANOTHER man has fallen prey to the wiles of Paris Hilton. Although she was supposedly dating "Desperate Housewives" hottie Josh Henderson, Hilton showed up at Teddy's in L.A. Wednesday night with sister Nicky, David Katzenberg and Petra Nemcova's ex, "You're Beautiful" whiner James Blunt. Our spy watched as Hilton and Blunt "danced and held hands" before starting to make out. Blunt's rep huffed, "This sounds like gossip to me!" (SOURCE NY POST)

Movie star TOM CRUISE has won the support of hundreds of emergency workers in New York, after hosting a $6,250 (£3,205)-a-ticket benefit in the city last night (19Apr07) to raise funds for his controversial 9/11 detoxification programme.The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, which was co-founded by Cruise, is based on principals developed by Scientology leader L. Ron Hubbard.The free treatment involves large doses of vitamins, dietary adjustments and stints in a sauna.Among attendees at the high profile event in Chelsea was World Trade Center actor Michael Pena, local councillors Joseph Addabbo and Hiram Monserrate, and members of the emergency medical technicians (EMT) union.Monserrate had given his endorsement to the project last week (09Apr07), when he underwent the treatment for himself.And despite Mayor Bloomberg’s denouncement of the programme as "not science" on Wednesday (18Apr07), those present at the fundraiser were clearly happy to give their approval to the project, which saw Cruise personally thank guests for their attendance.Pat Bahnken, president of the city’s paramedics and EMT union, tells PageSix, "He said how grateful he was to everyone for supporting the project. He took time out to speak to every person. It took him an hour to get through the hallway. He was talking to everyone. It was genuine, nothing phony about it." Councilman Addabbo also took the opportunity to express his anger at the programme’s critics.He says, "I cannot stand idly by and see something that is working be ignored. The project seems to work. I’ve seen it firsthand."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Madonna is "devastated" that Nelson Mandela "refused" to meet with her during her trip to Africa, an insider tells us. Madge's rep says: "She never planned to meet him. She'd be honored, I'm sure. But she's focusing on Malawi. South Africa is Oprah's territory." (SOURCE NY DAILY NEWS)

DITA VON TEESE walked out on estranged husband MARILYN MANSON on Christmas Day (25Dec06) after discovering a shocking secret he was keeping.The burlesque star insists she and the shock rocker were blissfully happy until the break-up. She refuses to reveal what drove them apart, but hints Manson may have cheated.She tells Harper’s Bazaar magazine, "We were completely monogamous. I think people thought we were free and open, but we really believed in commitment, tradition and our vows. But sometimes people change their ideas, I suppose." On what caused the split, she adds, "Let’s say it must have been something pretty bad!"(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

JESSICA Alba is the new face of Revlon, and is being paid handsomely for it. She's said to be collecting $5 million, with her first job starring in a global campaign for Revlon's 3D extreme mascara. Alba, who recently shot the campaign in L.A., also put to rest rumors of strife between her and boyfriend Cash Warren when he came to visit her on set. Alba's "Fantastic Four" co-star, Beau Garrett, has also been signed by Revlon, but his role is as yet undefined. (SOURCE NY POST)

A Church of Scientology rep told us on Wednesday that their ministers were "forbidden" from proselytizing to students during "grief counseling" at Virginia Tech. But, an anti-Scientology site, has posted what's said to be an "emergency bulletin" disseminated by church leaders asking the faithful "to help us get [church founder L. Ron Hubbard's] 'The Way to Happiness' books to the students [and] faculty." The book offers advice like, "do not murder" and "don't be promiscuous." (SOURCE NY DAILY NEWS)

RETIRED tennis hottie Anna Kournikova probably wished she'd bitten her tongue after she yelled at a Miami Beach surfer and his sunbathing puppy, "That dog should be on a [bleep]ing leash!" The surfer snapped back, "Maybe you should be on a [bleep]ing leash!" Our source reports, "All the surfers and bystanders applauded and barked at Anna." Embarrassed, Kournikova walked around the corner, but "reappeared minutes later with three girlfriends who just stood there scowling." Kournikova's rep did not return calls. (SOURCE NY POST)

As Larry Birkhead's custody hearing looms with grandma Virgie standing largely in the way, TMZ has dug up an interesting family tree -- turns out Virgie liked her stepbrother a whole lot. Here's the deal: Virgie's mom, Paralee, married a guy named Melvin and had Virgie. In another part of Texas, a guy named George William Tacker got together with this chick named Betty Jo and had a son named David Luther Tacker. Then Paralee and George got married, so Virgie and David became their stepkids. They were all one big happy family -- maybe too happy, because Virgie hooked up with her stepbro to produce David Luther Tacker, Jr. (SOURCE TMZ)

Former X-FILES star GILLIAN ANDERSON will never appear on TV again, claiming it is destroying society.The actress has stuck to movies since quitting the series in 2002 - recently appearing in Academy Award-winning film The Last King Of Scotland.And although she is rumoured to be reuniting with David Duchovny for another movie version of the hit sci-fi show - she insists she would rather be unemployed than return to the small screen.Anderson tells PageSix, "My God, I don’t even watch television. I don’t like television. I never have liked it. The whole concept of sitting down in front of a TV feels like one of the things that’s destroying society, as far as I’m concerned."(SOURCE WENN)

HEATHER MILLS was reportedly embarrassed on her transatlantic flight earlier this week (17Apr07) when her mile-high dancing skills failed to impress passengers.Fresh from appearing on US TV show DANCING WITH THE STARS on Monday night (16Apr07), Mills and her dancing partner Jonathan Roberts boarded a flight from Los Angeles to London, so Mills could spend time with her daughter Beatrice.British newspaper The Sun claims Mills was asked by cameras for US TV network ABC - who were also onboard the flight - to show off a few moves.The Virgin Airlines pilot announced over the tannoy that Mills would be performing - but only one passenger clapped at the end of her mini-show.A passenger says, "It was totally embarrassing for everyone concerned and all a bit shambolic." A spokesperson for Virgin adds, "It was not our captain’s idea."(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

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