Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Former Spice girl Mel B has named her new daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.
The child, the singer's second, was born in Los Angeles at the beginning of April. But a battle to confirm the identity of the father is looming.
Mel B, real name Melanie Brown, insists her daughter is the result of a relationship with actor Eddie Murphy and has named the baby after him.
But Murphy has publicly questioned the idea and demanded a DNA test to determine whether he is the father. (SOURCE DAILY MAIL)

Angelina Jolie and BRAD PITT have filed papers in Los Angeles to officially give their adopted son PAX their names.The celebrity couple have requested to change the young boy’s surname. His new full name will be Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt.Jolie adopted the Vietnamese three-year-old as a single mother last month (Mar07).(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

Pop superstar BRITNEY SPEARS is asking fans to turn paparazzi in a bid to win a signed iPod.The Toxic singer, who has become a number one target for Los Angeles’ top photographers, is sending emails to fans asking them "to sneak up on their friends and photograph them." She writes: "Share what happens to you when the clock strikes 12… Where are you? Who is with you? "Savour every last detail and when you think you have it down, recreate that perfect moment and capture it as best you can in a digital photograph." However, Spears warns fans not to recreate her recent infamous ‘panty-less’ paparazzi shots.She adds, "No images containing nudity, obscenity or violent depictions are permitted." The competition is to promote Spears’ new Midnight Fantasy fragrance.(SOURCE PR INSIDE)

A secret royal marriage deal was the real reason behind Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton’s split, it has been reported.
The couple allegedly reassessed their relationship when they discovered their future was being decided for them, with their engagement talked about as a ‘done deal’.According to reports, Queen Elizabeth was keen for the pair to wed, as it would help improve the public face of the royal family.A royal source told Britain’s Grazia magazine: ‘It was felt in royal circles that the time had come for the couple to get engaged and that it should be announced immediately after the Diana Memorial Concert in July, so the family could capitalise on the goodwill.’ Kate was said to have felt very ‘uncomfortable’ with the way William’s family were getting involved with her love life.The source added: ‘It must have given Kate a glimpse of what her future would hold if she became a member of the royal family and had to abide by its protocol.‘She told William she was incredibly uncomfortable about the way the whole thing was being decided for them.’ William also had second thoughts when his grandmother the queen made it clear she would not tolerate another divorce - like between William’s father Prince Charles and mother the late Princess Diana.Another source revealed: ‘The queen was adamant that if he wasn’t sure about a future with Kate, he had to get out.‘She made it abundantly clear that she would not tolerate another divorce in the family. Both the queen and Prince Philip told William they did not want another ‘Diana situation’ - so if he wasn’t sure, then he had no choice but to end it.’ William and Kate - who had been dating for four years - officially announced their separation just over a week ago.(SOURCE BANG SHOWBIZ)

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