Thursday, April 12, 2007


I want to know why Nicole lets Lil Tom thumb control the life of the kids?
Does she not want her kids live with her?

According to In Touch Magazine, Tom Cruise is reportedly not just domineering over his new bride, actress Katie Holmes, he is also said to rule with an iron fist over his older children, Isabella and Connor. This is why, an insider says, Isabella is rebelling against her father, who she currently lives with, and wants to move back in with her mother, actress Nicole Kidman. An insider told In Touch,

Last month she got very upset with Tom and told him she needed to see her mother more.

But Isabella is the only one standing up to Tom and complaining about his need to constantly be in charge of his family's activities. Bella's brother Connor is reportedly content because he spends most of his time with his father. Isabella, on the other hand, desires mother-daughter bonding.

Isabella started to feel left out since Nicole is seldom around.

To help with Bella's feelings, Nicole is said to have bought her daughter a new cell phone so that she can reach her anytime, anyplace. The insider says,

Isabella was thrilled to be able to get in touch with Nicole anytime, and they have already spent hours talking.

However, a friend of the family says Tom tries to limit contact between the kids and their mother while they are staying with him, saying he "makes it difficult for her to spend a lot of time with them." The pal adds that Tom had hoped his new wife could become a surrogate mom to the kids, but that for Katie building a relationship with the kids, especially Bella, has been "uphill battle."

She tried to become her friend, but Isabella didn't relate to her on that level.

The pal adds that even Nicole has tried to persuade the kids to establish a closer bond with Katie.

Nicole encouraged her daughter to get closer to Katie. But Katie thinks Isabella has put up a barrier between them, which she can't seem to knock down.

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