Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Danny Bonaduce's wife of 16 years filed for divorce Tuesday.
Gretchen Bonaduce, 41, who tangled with her husband on their reality show Breaking Bonaduce, cited irreconcilable differences, according to the papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

She is seeking full custody of their daughter, 12, and son, 6, with visitation rights for Bonaduce, in addition to spousal support and legal fees.

Earlier Tuesday, Bonaduce said on radio's syndicated Adam Carolla Show that Gretchen had informed him he'd be served with divorce papers.

"I don't want a divorce," Bonaduce said, adding: "I'm heartbroken at the prospect of getting a divorce."

His rep, Ken Capurso, tells PEOPLE: "Even though they still care about each other and their two children, Gretchen felt it wasn't a great atmosphere to raise the kids."

The couple aired their marital issues and Danny's substance abuse troubles on Breaking Bonaduce, which last was broadcast in 2006 on VH1.

Bonaduce, 47, a former child star from the '70s TV show The Partridge Family, will celebrate one year of sobriety on April 18, Capurso says.(SOURCE PEOPLE.COM)

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