Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Reese Witherspoon is bringing her type-A game to her love life!

After two months of what one Witherspoon source calls the actress’ “trying out a courtship” with Jake Gyllenhaal after her painful split from actor Ryan Phillippe, a Gyllenhaaal pal tells Us, “it is a definite romance.”

What else would you expect, says another Witherspoon pal, since the actress became determined to win Gyllenhaal’s heart soon after separating from Phillippe October 30.

“Reese was the pursuer and really wanted to date Jake,” says a pal of the Oscar winner, who costars with her new beau in the just-wrapped drama Rendition.

“She’s known him for a while and thought he was intelligent and charming.”

And the feeling is definitely mutual. “Jake doesn’t want a party girl at all,” says a Gyllenhaal pal, who says the relationship blossomed over DVD and takeout nights at home and long talks about movies.

“Reese is perfect because she understands the business and also the importance of family. Plus, he admires her talent, thinks she is beautiful and he respects her values. He respects everything about her actually.”

Catching the eye and winning the respect of one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors was exactly what Witherspoon, 31, needed after her marriage to Phillippe crashed and burned. “She needed to prove to herself that she was sexy and desirable.”

Is Reese really over Ryan? What does he think about his ex’s new love interest? Which Gyllenhaal family member does not approve of the relationship? Has Jake met Reese’s kids?

For more details on the budding romance and the couple’s views on love, check out the current issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week.

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