Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Whitney Houston is having problems finishing her new album - which was supposed to come out in June. She and her producer Clive Davis are clashing- he wants one thing and she wants another. Whitney wants to stick to her successful old formula and use her own people on the album while Clive has new ideas. He wants NEW people like Christina Aguilera to collaborate with Whitney. Whitney seems to think she doesn't NEED any new people while Clive insists they change with the times. Whitney's pal Ray J has a song he recorded with Whitney that he's dying to release on his album, but Clive's label, Jive, isn't cooperating. Whitney's a handful, but Clive knows she's worth it. (SOURCE JANET CHALRETON'S HOLLYWOOD)

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autoprt said...

no one at j records is even in the top 100 right now, the promotion for the artists is horrible and the complaints are rising. either they're losing it or all the attention is going on whitney and jhud.