Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I'm posting ireegularly because I am also working on several other projects, but damn, I just had to say something about Britney Spears and her hair, her fight with her momma, her stinky brown boots, her purchasing a small helpless animal a week, her recent weight gain, her upcoming cd, her almost divorce with Kevin, whew. Where should I begin?

I firmly believe 101% that baby girl is mentally not all there. Seriously. I think her momma and manager and Kevin tried to save her career by forcing her into a cushy rehab facility instead of a mental ward where she really belongs. You can tell by looking at pics of her during the week when her BFF/Cuz Allie Sims is gone off to boink her boyfriend and leaves Britney alone and her kids are with Kevin, Britney is completely lost. She looks like truly doesn't care about herself. Her post baby boobies are too full to go braless yet she does and it's a sad sight to see.

Her poor momma Lynne is beside herself because there is nothing else she can do to help Britney and now Britney has gone all delusional and paranoid on everyone and is trying to keep her sane rational mom away from her grandbabies. Britney hates the facts that everyone goes over to Kevin's to see HER kids. Lynne and Shar both go to visit Kevin and the boys and they've all hung out together. Britney can't STAND it.

I guarantee, Britney will go blonde again in a month or so. She refuses to listen to anyone and she's gonna end up bald again because of all the hair color and stress of the extensions on her very short hair.

I really wonder what the suits up at Jive Records are thinking right now. I really wonder if they are going to drop millions of dollars on Britney's new CD, I fear she could have another meltdown in the middle of promoting the new CD. We'll see in the next few months if her CD materializes this year.

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