Sunday, July 08, 2007


One big question: WHERE IS ALLIE? where is Britney's cousin/ personal assistant? I have seen homegirl in any Britney pics in over a week. I smell TROUBLE. I heard her family may have called her and told her they didn't approve of Britney's actions regarding her momma and maybe she should distance herself. Who really knows? Maybe Allie is taking a romantic holiday with her man somewhere.

So I found this nugget of info over at Britney's PR mouthpiece, Leslie, says Britney can have a new CD released this year if that is what SHE wants. Britney is completely in charge of her career now. ( I guess this means no manager or in her case voices of sanity) and Jive Records told Britney if this new CD does not sell well, she is off the Jive Records roster. And if all goes as planned, she might performing for this year's VMA'S. I'll still continue to pray for her and her babies like I do for all the other folks in the world who need extra help from the Lord.
Speaking of the Lord, Britney took her baby boys to church today. Her cro-magnon bodyguard was at her side carrying Sean who was upset. Check out pics of them entering church here: