Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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Britney Spears hand writes an apology letter on lined paper and delivers it herself to the X17 Paparazzi all while braless and sporting those stinky brown boots she's so fond of. She's trying to apologize for her infamous shaved head/fury/umbrella welding incident with the X17 paps. I really don't know what to say about her anymore. If Jive is really releasing her comeback CD this year, they need to drive down to Beverly Hills and personally pull her out-of-shape ass off the couch, throw away the Cheetos, torch all of those shapeless nightgowns she's been wearing out in public, throw a brassier over her sagging mammary glands and force her to get her bod back into 'Britney Spears 2001' shape.
I don't care how hot and groovy her new songs are, if she's not gonna look good while dancing and lip syncing then the gig is up. She and her people created an image for her that sold millions upon millions of CD's and everyone who is waiting to buy her new CD, all want the same persona to re-appear. I personally think she is so unstable, that she is not going to be able to buckle down and get herself in the physical, mental and professional zone she is going to need to be in to reclaim her title as "POP PRINCESS".
Who knows, maybe she'll prove all of us naysayers wrong.
It's not confirmed yet but this song might be Britney's new single, Cold As Fire.
Click here to listen.

And British shopaholic anorexic, Victoria Beckham, swears her fake over sized melons are not as large as you think. She says they're only a 32B. I believe this is if the "B" stands for basketball.


Britney done up and lost her mind. . .again.
— I don't really think much commentary is necessary here, right bbs?

It's Malibu Paris as she moves into a beachfront home — She looks like a Barbie girl, and practically lives in a Barbie-like picture perfect world, so it makes perfect sense that like the famous doll, Paris Hilton would move to Malibu. — Heiress Paris Hilton moved into a beachfront home …

Al Gore's Son Busted! — Al Gore III, the 24-year-old son of Al Gore was arrested on suspicion of drug possession today. The former second-in-command's son was pulled over after allegedly driving his Prius 100 miles an hour down an Orange County freeway. (At least he was driving a Prius!)

Hell Has Frozen Over ... What's more shocking than Lindsay's gal pal DJ Samantha Ronson carrying a Balenciaga bag? Click through to find out ...

Perez Hilton Hurls Words at Gummi Bear — Seeing trainwreck Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis on TMZ makes Perez Hilton want to puke. Him and everyone else! — The self-professed Queen of All Media has had it with the bloated millionheir Bozo and told TMZ, "If I see Jason Davis on TMZ …

Tiger Woods Calls Fatherhood 'A Dream Come True' — Tiger Woods's baby daughter, Sam Alexis, may be only two weeks old, but she's already held a golf club in her hand - or at least tried to. — "She couldn't quite hold it, but it was there," Woods said at a press conference on Tuesday …

Victoria makes major boob — VICTORIA BECKHAM stole the show at last week's Spice Girls press conference with her incredible cleavage. — Posh managed to outshine even loudmouthed MEL B and strangely dressed GERI HALLIWELL by spilling out of her tiny corset. — But the star reckons she doesn't know what all the fuss is about.

SIMPSON DATING COOK? — Jessica Simpson has fueled speculation she's back in the arms of comedian Dane Cook after joining him at Prince's V.I.P. concert at Los Angeles' Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday. — The couple reportedly dated while shooting the movie "Employee Of The Month" together …

Jordan's Ugly Baby — Jordan gave birth to a baby girl last week and although she hasn't told us her name, she is speaking to OK! Magazine about her new bundle of joy. … Don't let her little girl hear that or she'll grow up, get a beat weave, dye herself orange and put melons in her chest.

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